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Judicial Watch • HRC Order of Proof pg 21-22

HRC Order of Proof pg 21-22

HRC Order of Proof pg 21-22

Page 1: HRC Order of Proof pg 21-22


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Date Created:February 22, 2016

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9/24/93, she and her supervisors Kansas City signed off the nine additional
criminal referrals
These were sent Washington, rather than directly Littl~ Rock normally would
the case done
Substance the referrals, including CR-0196 [which names the Bill Clinton
Gubernatorial Campaign suspect, the April 1985 fundraiser,. and the representation
MGSL before the ASD HRC]
Roelle, Bill
Career federal regulator
Briefed the new RTC referrals late September 1993 briefed the people higher than him the chain command
Shortly thereafter, the White House was advised about these referrals
Braun, Cheryl
Park Police investigator
What happened the Park
What happened Lisa Fosters liouse Webb
Actions and reactions Webb Hubbell et. al.
Park Police investigator
What happened the Park
What happened Lisa Fosters house Webb
Promises seal the office ...
Kennedy, Gail
Statements regarding the office Vince Foster; Hubbell and others
ONeill, Officer
Secret Service Uniformed Officer
Says saw Maggie Williams coming out the office with documents the night
Abbott, Officer
Secret Service Uniforqi.ed Officer
Says saw Craig Livingstone walking outwith binders/a box the morning
7/21/93, appearing that was coming from the floor where Fosters office was
Telephone Toll Record Custodian
The series calls the night 7/20/93 involving HRC (in Little Rock), Maggie
Williams (WDC), and Susan Thomases (NYC)
Margolis, David
Career DOJ official the White House 7/21/93 set the procedure for searching Vince Fosters
Had agreement with the White Howe Counsel, Bernie Nussbaum 7/22/93, the agreement was reneged on, and and other law enforcement officials
were not allowed actually see ali the documents which Bernie went through
Fosters office
DOJ official
Testimony similar Margolis
Heymann, Phil
Deputy Attorney General the United States
Prevfously headed the Criminal Division ofDOJ during the Carter Administration
Informed the change the agreement 7/22/93
Asked Bernie what was trying hide
Very upset over the matter
Castleton, Thoinas
White House Intern/employee
Carried box/boxes the direction Maggie Williams, HR.Cs Chief Staff, from
Fosters office the third floor the residence, placing them closet
Williams told him that they were going turned over the Clintons lawyers, but the
Clintons had look them first [Williams has denied saying that Castleton]
Custodian Records White House
Various log entries regarding the movements persons the White House during the
7/20-7/27 time frame, iJ?.cluding Webb Hubbell, Susan Thomases, Bob Barnett (Williams Connolly)
Altman, Roger
Deputy Secretary Treasury