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Judicial Watch • International Program: Meeting with Delegates from Newly Independent States (5/7/2013)

International Program: Meeting with Delegates from Newly Independent States (5/7/2013)

International Program: Meeting with Delegates from Newly Independent States (5/7/2013)

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The International Program
Newly Independent States
Judicial Watch director investigations and research, Chris Farrell, met with
delegation governmental and NGO representatives from Armenia, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Germany, and the Czech Republic the
request the State Department International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)
examine issues Transparency and Accountability. The program was designed
introduce representatives these newly independent states the practices and
tools used organizations like Judicial Watch, hold judges, government, and
elected officials accountable the rule law. set forth its Mission Statement, through its educational endeavors, Judicial
Watch advocates high standards ethics and morality the nation public life and
seeks ensure that political and judicial officials not abuse the powers entrusted them the American people. Judicial Watch fulfills its educational mission
through litigation, investigations, and public outreach. Judicial Watch International
Program integral part its educational program.
The Background Notes provided the U.S. Department State reports that good
diplomatic relations have been established with each these newly independent
The International Program
states and ongoing economic assistance being provided support their move
 toward the development democratic institutions with respect human rights and
the rule law, and economic institutions which promote widely shared economic
The development strong and vibrant civil society founded upon the creation
institutions and laws that support democratic principles. introducing the
representatives these newly emerging states non-governmental organizations
like Judicial Watch, they are provided opportunity interact with those who have
used and exercised the twin pillars transparency and accountability holding
account those who have violated the public trust. Further, International visitors
learn that the key the health society the exercise the rule law. For
Judicial Watch, that has been realized through its application the open records and
open meetings laws (most famously represented the Department Commerce
Trade Missions and Cheney Energy Task Force lawsuits, respectively), which
confront, expose, and prosecute legal, ethical, and criminal violations the law.
Mr. Farrell met with the distinguished visitors May 2013, headquarters Washington, DC. general overview mission, operation, budget and
staffing was discussed, followed in-depth discussion the federal open
records and open meetings laws (the Freedom Information Act [FOIA] and Federal
Advisory Committee Act [FACA], respectively); Judicial Financial Disclosure
Project; Whistleblower representation; and significantly, Illegal Immigration
Project. Mr. Farrell informed the delegates that selects its cases based upon big
policy issues, and the illegal immigration schizophrenia emblematic
breakdown the rule law. holds firmly the view that lawbreakers should not rewarded, which the endgame amnesty proponents.
The United States country where relative peace and prosperity enjoyed its
citizens made widely diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious groups people 
all governed ingenious Constitution. The U.S. Constitution gives civil society
the freedom and the mandate keep government accountable the people.