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Judicial Watch • JW FOIA Request Comey Memos Hardy testimony

JW FOIA Request Comey Memos Hardy testimony

JW FOIA Request Comey Memos Hardy testimony

Page 1: JW FOIA Request Comey Memos Hardy testimony


Number of Pages:3

Date Created:December 12, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 15, 2018

Tags:universe, larger, Hardy, comey memos, memos, testimony, Comey, federal, request, FBI, FOIA

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Director Conley [ct/unis descrihtd 111 the Second Dcctaration 11:Duvid Hardy,
Please 561271111110 whcthci with this request 111111111 the rim: patiod
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FBI/FOIA Request
December 2017 (my ponion thereof, picnic Contact immediamly
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:1: 202-646:
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Thank ryourmopcm
Very womanly,
William Marshall
Judicial Walsh he.