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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854 pg 30-31

JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854 pg 30-31

JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854 pg 30-31

Page 1: JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854 pg 30-31


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Date Created:April 29, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 29, 2019

Tags:Nizich, Ivana, Wheatley, Holtyn, Nellie Ohr, 01854, OCDETF, DOJ, FOIA

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Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Nellie Ohr (b) (6)
Friday, April 2016 6:21
Wheatley, Joe (CRM)
Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF);Nizich, Ivana (CRM)
Re: email intro
This message has been archived. Joe, Looking forward hearing from you Monday. Ill out between about 10:30 and pm,
but otherwise home atrmlmWIIIIIIII You can always leave message and Ill get back you
convenient time for
but dont always hear it.
-----0 rig Message----From: Wheatley, Joe rr.1:m,.a~
To: Nellie Ohr<
Cc: Holtyn, Lisa OCDETF
(b) (6)
Nizich, Ivana
(b)(6) per CRM
Sent: Fri, Apr 2016
Subject: Re: email intro Nellie--Sorry for not replying sooner! Ivana and have been traveling and were catching email. get back you Monday about some good dates/times talk?
All the best,
Sent from iPhone Mar 28, 2016, 1:25 Nellie Ohr (b) (6)
Lisa, thank you! Joe and Ivana, look forward chatting with you sometime. schedule quite
(b) (6)
(b)(6) per RM.(b)(6) per ~RM
tbJ toJ
Sent: Mon, Mar 28, 2016 12:
Subject: email intro Nellie, Joe and Ivana Hope you each had happy Easter, you celebrate it! wanted connect the three you, know you have shared love for (b)7(e) per CRM 1/0
Nellie, hopefully Bruce mentioned this you already, but asked him you might willing meet with
Joe and Ivana, both whom believe you may know from his prior stint OCRS. told Ivana when
met with her last week that your impressive knowledge all things assistance
some things that they are working currently.
Ill let the three you take from here.