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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854 pg 5-8

JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854 pg 5-8

JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854 pg 5-8

Page 1: JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854 pg 5-8


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Date Created:April 29, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 29, 2019

Tags:kleptocracy, hudson institute, Obtaine, 01854, simpson, Ohr, Russian, DOJ, FOIA

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Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Nellie Ohr 
Twitter hjvt-i/>
Hudson Institute http ://i1. cmai 7A/D3C/050533/csim port/hud son_logo2x_3. png
Event Invitation
Kleptocracy Archive Launch
(Alengo/Getty Images) hjvt-h/>
Tuesday, May 17th
9:30 11:00
Hudson Institute
Stern Policy Center
1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Suite 400
Washington, 20004
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Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
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 May 17, Hudson Institute will launch the Kleptocracy Archive, online database thousands
primary source documents showing the malfeasances corrupt authoritarian regimes.
More than year the making, the Kleptocracy Archive will debut documents pertaining individuals
and corporate entities primarily from Russia and Ukraine. Each profile features short biography and
document folders including press reports, business records, banking details, and legal cases. This
information has never before been collated into comprehensive and easily accessible resource.
Public concern about kleptocracy has never been stronger. The Kleptocracy Archive powerful new
resource for journalists, law enforcement, legislators, policy executives, scholars, and anyone interested
the threats posed kleptocratic regimes.
Charles Davidson
Charles Davidson Publisher The American Interest magazine and Executive Director the
Kleptocracy Initiative Hudson Institute.
David Satter
David Satter Hudson Institute Senior Fellow and former Moscow correspondent. His books include
Darkness Before Dawn: The Rise the Russian Criminal State, and the forthcoming The Less You Know,
The Better You Sleep: Russias Road Terror and Dictatorship Under Yeltsin and Putin.
Karen Dawisha
Karen Dawisha the Walter Havighurst Professor Political Science the Department Political
Science Miami University, and Director the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies.
She the author Putins Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Glenn Simpson
Glenn Simpson Senior Fellow the International Assessment and Strategy Center. former Wall
Street Journal correspondent with more than years experience investigating financial crime, now
works frequently Russian corporate crime and criminal organizations.
Opening Remarks
Archive Presentation
Panel Discussion and
View more upcoming events<>
Hudson http ://i2. cmai 7A/D3C/050533/csim port/hud son_S. if>
Hudson Institute
1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Suite 400
Washington, 20004
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