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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854

JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854

JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854

Page 1: JW v DOJ Ohr communications 01854


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Date Created:April 9, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 09, 2019

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Jucifj~~lftrtment Justice
Executive Office for the
Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces
(202) 514-0296
Washington, D.C. 20530
April 2019
Re: F0IA-OCD2018-0029;
JMD#7017 1000 0000 2547 2208
18-cv-O 1854
Mr. William Marshall
Judicial Watch
425 Third Street,
Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Phone: 202-646-5172
Dear Mr. Marshall,
This the third interim response pertaining your Freedom Information Act (FOIA) request dated May
29, 2018 and received this Office June 2018 regarding records from the office the Director
the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force relating Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr and/or British
national Christopher Steele, including but not limited all records communications (including those
former OCDETF Director Bruce Ohr) about and with Fusion GPS officials, Nellie Ohr and Christopher
Steele. This request was originally directed the Justice Management Division FOIA/PA Office the
Department Justice, and subsequently forwarded this office. This response being made behalf
the Executive Office for the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF). December 2018 and March 2019, provided you with interim responses your request. have now completed processing additional pages containing records responsive your request.
this time, have determined that these pages are appropriate for release with excisions made
pursuant Exemptions 7(C), and 7(E) the FOIA, U.S.C. 552 (b)(6), (b)(7)(C), and (b)(7)(E),
and copies are enclosed. Some the excisions these records are made behalf other entities,
including the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) and the Departments Criminal Division. Please note
that one the enclosed pages contains yellow highlighting. This highlighting was present this page
located this Office and was not made part our FOIA review process. Please advised that
duplicative and non-responsive records were not processed, and are marked accordingly.
Exemption pertains information the release which would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion the personal privacy third parties. Exemption 7(c) pertains records information compiled for
law enforcement purposes, the release which could reasonably expected constitute
unwarranted invasion the personal privacy third parties. Exemption 7(E) pertains records
information compiled for law enforcement purposes, the release which would disclose certain
techniques procedures for law enforcement investigations prosecutions.
For your information, Congress excluded three discrete categories oflaw enforcement and national security
records from the requirements the FOIA. See U.S.C. 552(c) (2012 Supp. 2017). This response limited those records that are subject the requirements the FOIA. This standard notification
that given all our requesters and should not taken indication that excluded records do,
not, exist. you have any questions regarding this interim response, please contact Michael Gerardi the
Departments Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch, 202-616-0680.
Jill Aronica
Chief, Information Systems Section
Ohr, Bruce (OCDETF)
Monday, December 18, 2017 2:07
Bob Houston
Re: Thats all folks ...
BobIt nice you reach out. Thank you for your kind wishes, means lot me. Its ce1iainly not
pleasant, but are doing okay and just going with our lives and work. Hope you are doing well these days! Bruce
Sent from iPhone Dec 18, 2017, :25 PM, Bob Houston (b) (6) wrote:
Hey Bruce, just wanted let you know that thinking about you. Sony see your name and Nellies being bandied about the media. sure tough your family. Stay strong.
Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
Frida December 2017 5:24
(RH) (FBI)
FW: Gute Reise
From: Ohr, Bruce (OCDETF)
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2017 :17
To: Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF) (b) (6)
Subject: Re: Gute Reise
Lisa Vielen dank many thanks to.
for his kind wishes!
Sent from iPhone Dec 2017, 4:27 PM, Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
rote: Bruce, just wanted wish you and Nellie safe trip Germany and France. really hope the time away will good break for you both.
8(6). b(7)(c). per FBI semi-related note,
called yesterday and asked give you his best and let
you know that theres anything you need, dont hesitate contact him.
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Nellie Ohr 
Twitter hjvt-i/>
Hudson Institute http ://i1. cmai 7A/D3C/050533/csim port/hud son_logo2x_3. png
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Kleptocracy Archive Launch
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Tuesday, May 17th
9:30 11:00
Hudson Institute
Stern Policy Center
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Washington, 20004
Register for event http ://>
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Add Calendar http ://>
 May 17, Hudson Institute will launch the Kleptocracy Archive, online database thousands
primary source documents showing the malfeasances corrupt authoritarian regimes.
More than year the making, the Kleptocracy Archive will debut documents pertaining individuals
and corporate entities primarily from Russia and Ukraine. Each profile features short biography and
document folders including press reports, business records, banking details, and legal cases. This
information has never before been collated into comprehensive and easily accessible resource.
Public concern about kleptocracy has never been stronger. The Kleptocracy Archive powerful new
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the threats posed kleptocratic regimes.
Charles Davidson
Charles Davidson Publisher The American Interest magazine and Executive Director the
Kleptocracy Initiative Hudson Institute.
David Satter
David Satter Hudson Institute Senior Fellow and former Moscow correspondent. His books include
Darkness Before Dawn: The Rise the Russian Criminal State, and the forthcoming The Less You Know,
The Better You Sleep: Russias Road Terror and Dictatorship Under Yeltsin and Putin.
Karen Dawisha
Karen Dawisha the Walter Havighurst Professor Political Science the Department Political
Science Miami University, and Director the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies.
She the author Putins Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Glenn Simpson
Glenn Simpson Senior Fellow the International Assessment and Strategy Center. former Wall
Street Journal correspondent with more than years experience investigating financial crime, now
works frequently Russian corporate crime and criminal organizations.
Opening Remarks
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Panel Discussion and
View more upcoming events<>
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(b)(6), b7(c) per FBI (CID) (FBI) -(b)(6), b7(c)
Monday, May 2016 12:22
Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
RE: Video about corrupt Ukrainian oligarch
Subject: per FBI
This message has been archived.
Thanks, Lisa. will take look.
From: Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF (b) (6)
Sent: Monday, May 09, 2016 12:
Subject: FW:
about corrupt Ukrainian oligarch
QllDiflS!rij f=JI
From: Nellie Ohr
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 12:35 (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US Canada)
To: Holtyn, Lisa; Nizich, Ivana Wheatley, Joe
Subject: Fwd: Video about corrupt Ukrainian oligarch
They dont name the oligarch the text, and didnt take the time watch the video, but assume its
Bloody Money (Trailer) VICE News https://news.>
Mays, 2016 2014, Western countries made Ukrainians promise. They pledged recover money stolen the
countrys deposed president and his cronies, and return it. Ukraine was desperate need funds, sought repel Russian invasion, maintain basic services, pay its foreign debt, and end once and for all its crippling epidemic corruption. Two years on, its time ask how that going.
Bloody Money tells two stories. One Ukrainian oligarchs bank account and the $23 million
contained. unprecedented detail, reveals where the money came from, how was laundered, and
what happened when British judge ruled its provenance. The other story that Ukrainian
mother, and her battle find medicines for her hemophiliac daughter, country where healthcare
just one more opportunity for corrupt officials make money.
The documentary reveals how kleptocrats use shell companies obscure the orig ins their stolen
money, and how Western enablers lawyers, accountants, and more assist them doing so. also
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
shows how Ukrainian officials continue run corrupt schemes, despite 2014s revolution, and how that
sabotaging the countrys reform efforts.
Bloody Money produced collaboration with Sundance Institute and VICE News, part the prize
awarded Global Witness when won the 2014 TED Prize. Additional funds from Skol Foundation.
Directed Havana Marking and presented Oliver Bullough.
https: news. iler-1
Holtyn, Lisa
Friday, May 2016 9:22
Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
FW: Video about corrupt Ukrainian oligarch
This message has been archived.
From: Wheatley, Joe
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 9:21:57 (UTC-05:00 Eastern Time {US Canada)
To: Nellie Ohr; Holtyn, Lisa; Nizich, Ivana
Subject: RE: Video about corrupt Ukrainian oligarch
Thanks, Nellie-the video wont load work computer but Ill try looking over another browser.
Joseph Wheatley
Trial Attorney, Organized Crime and Gang Section
U.S. Department Justice
(b) (6)
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
Ma( 2016 1:09
PJ@ p=uc1D) (FBI)
RE: Magisterial roundup obshchak-like money laundering pool held Russias
elite, compromat war etc.
This message has been archived.
Ill ask Nellie
tti>9it@li @ii=JI
(CID) (FBI) [mailto: (b)(6), b7(c) per FBI
Sent: Tues ay, May 03, 2016 11:
To: Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
Subject: RE: Magisterial roundup obshchak-like money laundering pool held Russias elite,
compromat war etc.
Thanks. dont get these any more, but would like to. wonder how get back the list.
(b)(6). b7(c) per FBI
From: Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF) (b) (6)
Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 10:23
Subject: FW:~ sterii roundup obshchak-like money laundering pool held Russias elite,
compromat war etc.
tti>K9Wlr @1~:JlcID)
Hey, you get these daily? used to, but dont any more. Anyway, theres some interesting stuff this
one (see Nellies note below).
From: Nellie Ohr (b) (6)
Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 10:
To: Ohr, Bruce (ODAG); Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF); Wheatley, Joe; Nizich, Ivana
Subject: Magisterial roundup obshchak-like money laundering pool held Russias elite, compromat
war etc.
Wayne Allensworth has outdone himself these latest notes. (His analysis the balded text).
This touches all kinds scandals---Lesins death, Shumkovs, Magnitsky etc. etc. bit overwhelming,
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
-----0 rig Message----From: Wayne Allensworth
To: Wayne and Stacy Allenswort
Sent: Mon, May 2016
Subject: Internet Notes May 2016
Internet Notes May 2016
Note notes (Zolotov and the Security Council).
Latynina circles back the Independent Oil Company, VTB, Sechin, Khudaiynatov (Another violinist?;
Shumkov/Lesin and the pool).
Solovey the intended audience for the information attacks.
Stanovaya kompromat about Putin (Putin more vulnerable than seems... but Western mass media not the threat; Open Russia has more Putins ties organized crime; Spain puts Deputy FSKN
Director Aulov wanted list).
Strelkov: murder charges?.
Land given away the Far East.
Note notes (Zolotov and the Security Council)
First read that with the creation the National Guard, Zolotov was elevated the status
permanent Security Council member. Gryzlov was taken off the council. Then read that Putin
had issued order reversing the earlier decision, with Zolotov designated ordinary SovBez member
(See the April notes). But hes still listed permanent member:
http :// 
Latynina circles back the Independent Oil Company, VTB, Sechin, Khudaiynatov (Another violinist?;
Shumkov/Lesin and the pool)
From the February notes:
[On Sechin, Khudaiynatov, and billion credit, Latynina refers post Maksim Blant: html 
Eduard Khudaiynatov was general director Rosneft when Sechin was vice premier. Khudaiynatov was
Sechins shadow. When Sechin came back Rosneft, Khudaiynatov created the Independent Oil and Gas
Company (NNK) and NNK began accumulate assets and licenses, many them rather small
assets. The main asset acquisition was Musa Bazhayevs Alliance group. The transaction was made
2014, when Russia was already under sanctions, and the assumed value the deal was billion. But
where did Khudaiynatov, who had always been hired manager, not business owner, get the money?
And Sechin had been consolidating oil assets Rosneft-then his own former right hand makes such
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Blant tells the story: Rosneft deposited billion VTB, while simultaneously NNK was given billion
credit. Making bank deposit that instantly becomes credit common money-laundering method
Russia. Where did Rosneft get the billion? Latynina thinks was sales China. Latynina also believes
the sale price was jacked up-and part the transaction was Khudaiynatov getting kickback for making
the deal Rosnefts behalf. Comment: not sure follow all this-is the deposit credit transaction
illegal? How money laundering? Anyway, Latynina says that with all Rosnefts financial troubles,
Sechin wanted VTB give its money back and VTB not playing along. dont understand that bit the
story all-hadnt NNK acquired the company Rosnefts behalf? Thats what Latynina claiming
here. Blant referred protocols from Rosneft board meeting showing that the transaction was loss
for Rosneft (Comment: OK, the price was too high-to account for the kickback-Latynina also says
that the terms the deposit-to-loan deal were loser for Rosneft. when she said Rosneft wanted its
money back, maybe wanted back the loss the deposit-to-loan transaction). Latynina goes imply
that she thinks Sechin has been using NNK after oil assets for while-like Bashneft. NNK made
Sistema offer, not Rosneft, the asset. And Sistemas Yevtushenkov wound under house arrest
(See, for instance, the October 2014 notes) ... So, regarding the NNK purchase Alliance group,
Rosneft was financing the purchase (at loss) while demanding money from the National Welfare Fund ...
Comment: appeared that Rosneft that was under sanctions was using NNK, not under sanctions, vehicle for making acquisitions-but there was that money laundering part that wondered about.
her program last week, Latynina asked whether NNK was the equivalent Roldugins offshore-another
violinist being used launder money acquired dubious means. The acquisition, claimed Latynina,
whose terms were not good for Rosneft, was really put deal designed funnel and legalize shady
money. The transaction fee-a kickback-was paid Khudaiynatov part the laundering deal:
http ://echo. msk. ru/prog rams/code/17 52700-echo/ http ://echo. msk. ru/prog rams/code/17 700echo/> Latynina says the deposit-to-credit transaction common cover for money laundering ... She
adds that she thinks the approval for the deal (NNK purchasing Bazhayevs Alliance group) went all the
way Putin-at the time, everyone figured oil prices would up, but they didnt. But theres
something else-theres connection between the deal and the late Dmitriy Shumkov (See the notes from and December 2015 and and January). Latynina says thats why she came back the story,
though there was also Khudaiynatovs purchase villa Porotfino (for Million Euro) 2015, after
Putin told everybody not buy any property abroad. The Roldugin offshore was shut down 2014-after
Crimea. 2012, became clear that the Americans were taking negative attitude such offshoresso they were longer safe and Putin gave the order foreign property. But Khudaiynatov bought his
villa 2015.
She gets back Shumkov-he was close Bazhayev, and was sometime business partner his.
was making big investments, was involved big deals Moscow when reportedly committed suicide.
Where did get the money for those deals? Latynina thinks got the money from the strange
NNK/Bazhayev deal. Later, supposedly committed suicide-was desperate because had been
caught siphoning money off from the deal? Was killed because was stealing? (Comment: She
doesnt tell why she believes Shumkov stole money from the NNS/Bazhayev deal). Latynina says the
Shumkov story reminds her Lesin-also found dead, but Washington, death she says was most
likely unfortunate incident related Lesins extravagant habits. But Lesin lost his post after deal
that was similar the deal Khudaiynatov made. the Lesin case, there was Kovalchuks Gazprom
Media. Prof Media was purchased for Gazprom Media price $600 million. The word was that the sale
price was above market value. Lesin had been loudly bragging about that. And the violinist affair let
know that 20% Video International belonged that violinist with Stradivarius. maybe the Lesin
story wasnt about the Kovalchuks (Comment: One versiya explaining Lesins death was that was killed
partly because owed Kovalchuk money. One the Panama Papers offshores was connected Lesin).
Latynina again circles back Shumkov-she goes about the pool (basseiyn). The pool second,
informal budget, personal part the treasury. existed semi-unofficially and they say that provides
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
the salaries for highly-placed officials. But was mainly for emergency expenditures, like Crimea.
Latynina says she thinks that became apparent that the pool did not have has much money was
thought, and those that had their hands the taps that fed the pool had their own streams. the pool
was leaking like sieve, well, that could lead some interesting re-distributions authority the
elite. already have the well-known story Yakunins resignation, after came light that his son
had acquired citizenship the UK. There was the interesting story VEBs bankruptcy-how much did
VEB hand over for the purchase Sibug lement 2014? $1.8 billion? Wasnt that lot for that company?
Uralvagonzavod bought the Zarechniy mine, the Russian Coal Holding-together, that was billion. Did
that reflect their real value? Latynina ends saying she thinks there will more stories the leaky
pool and that Shumkov will not the only victim ...
Comment: The pool, Latynina casts this story, may also something like obshak,
mafia organizations slush fund. Shes implying here that both Lesin and Shumkov abused the pool and
that others have well, leading some shakeups and maybe some murders. She also saying that the
NNK transaction and some others were money laundering operations held, apparently, behalf the
pool and some who had access it, such Roldugin.
Lets backup and see what dots can connect...In the December 2015 notes, read that there was
kompromat war underway and that Shumkovs death might associated with it. One Shumkovs
patrons was assistant Chaykas, Aleksandr Zvyagintsev, who was dismissed following the scandal
over kompromat Chaykas son (See the January notes). Recently, there have been numerous
kompromat dumps elites, number them involving foreign property. December, around the
same time the kompromat attacks Chayka, there were stories the notes Putins links
organized crime (See the and December 2015 notes). November and December, saw stories Tikhonova and her alleged husband, Shamalov (See, for instance, the and November 2015
notes and the notes from December). There was item the February notes linking Chaykas son Shumkov.
Recall that Navalniy was behind call for check Yakunin and his operations Russian Railways
and that Millennium Bank was linked RR. and Artyom Chayka owned shares the bank, which had
its license revoked (See the February notes). Chayka claimed Browder and Navalniy were behind the
dumps against him (See the December 2015 notes; back the December 2015 notes, Yablokos
Sergey Mitrokhin said that Navalniys attacks Chayka were ordered; This spring, Browder and
Navalniy were attacked Rossiya foreign agents. See the April notes)-so circled back
the Magnitskiy affair. Then Roldugin and the Panama Papers came along April)-and Roldugins
offshore was subsequently tied the Magnitskiy affair money laundering platform for the cash stolen that case (27 and April). The Nekrasov film appeared another reply the kompromat dumps
that related back the Magnitskiy affair (27 April). the April notes, suggested that the attacks Kasyanov were connected the previous kompromat Russian elites, especially the Panama Papers. comments:
[Looks like the Kremlin anticipated the media reaction the Panama papers and sought soften the
impact showing that the opposition was dirty, too. And, wrote last week, think Khodorkovskiy,
some elites Russia, and people associated with them are probably major source-or least major
distributor-of dirt like the Baevskiy material saw last week (See the April and March notes),
theres bit retaliation going on. The Kremlin showing that can play that game well. doubt the
illicit liaison the Kasyanov video will shock anybody, nor will the corruption mentioned Kasyanov, but
thats not the point.]
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Baevskiy was associate the Rotenbergs who had hand led apartment purchases for Putins women,
including Tikhonova and Kabayeva (See the notes from March and April).
Solovey commented these information attacks Russian vlast and their likely intended audience
the April notes:
[Solovey the intended audience for the information attacks
http :// ?w=wall244477574_16316%2Fall ?w=wall244477574_16316/all> .The talk about information attacks follows classic theory-vaccinate the public, that is, warn them
that enemies intend slander. The question is, just who being vaccinated? The Russian public? Theyll
brush off foreign exposes. They wont surprise anyone, open anyones eyes, or, and this the main
thing, change anyones attitude vlast. These exposes are aimed primarily the Western elite. They
are indifferent the warnings Russian officials ...
Comment: think hes right about the target audience for the kompromat dumps, which dont really tell anything new. think Khodorkovskiy and some Russian elites who would like there was not
another Putin term are intending help prevent any talk lifting sanctions this time, hoping for
increased pressure Putin. Maybe some the elite are willing endure more pain now for the
prospect Putins leaving the Kremlin 2018. Belkovskiy, who think has been working for
Khodorkovskiy, has been seeming (sometimes) say that exit that would not put him danger still
possible for Putin. Pavlovskiy said that earlier this week (See the March notes). Khodorkovskiy has
been little different, saying that those not implicated crimes have reason fear change
regime. When kompromat wars are going on, though, can get little blurry-maybe others might toss
out some dirt rivals, too. There may more than one source for the material and more than one
But Stanovaya thought that the cumulative impact the kompromat might relevant the long runand could turn Putins base against him. From the March notes:
[Stanovaya kompromat about Putin (Putin more vulnerable than seems ... but Western mass media not the threat; Open Russia has more Putins ties organized crime; Spain puts Deputy FSKN
Director Aulov wanted list)
See yesterdays notes...
https://slon. ru/posts/66002 
Stanovaya wonders whether Putin should worried about the information attacks Peskov has
mentioned ... Right now, all the criticisms aimed Putin are coming from channels that have axe
grind-the non-systemic opposition and the West. But when the criticism comes from, say, the protesting
long-haul truckers, then that changes the picture quite bit. When the fifth column the eyes vlast
becomes the narod, then revolution underway... Putin less and less seems believe that his rating
could fall consequence his own mistakes. Its not hard see that Putin isnt just satisfied with the
results his rule, proud them. And will hard for him believe the reality popular
disappointment when manifests itself...Vlast also does not understand that Krym nash the eyes
the general public means what says-NASH--not Krym Putina Krym Rotenberga, but Krym nash, that
is, Putin seen only the instrument re-establishing historical justice. Crimea should have been
Russian with without Putin.
Putin more vulnerable than seems. But the main sources threat are not Navalniy Western
mass media. The threat Putin will appear when the accusations are coming from his own
electorate... Anti-Putin information will replenished, expecting consumers and they who will raise
the question justice, unless GKChP-2 intervenes ... recap and formulate picture whats going ... With elections approaching and economic crisis
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
underway, Putins enemies (Khodorkovskiy, and perhaps people the Russian elite discontented with the
way things have gone) are stepping the kompromat attacks. The Magnitskiy affair and the Panama
papers point massive money laundering and asset transfer operations done the behalf high level
players, with trusted figures like Roldugin acting operators the mechanisms involved. The money
launderers may both try and create clean money for the pool and legitimize funds that have wound
there from operations like the tax rebate schemes connected the Magnitskiy affair. Putin not
involved this directly any hands-on way. The launderers/acquisition operatives may try and clean money for lower level players like the MVD and Tax Service people involved the Magnitskiy affair.
They are rewarded for their efforts with kickbacks shares companies like Video International
Rosneft. The pool could operate, least partly, like mafia obshak-key players kick funds that are
available for major asset acquisitions and use the pool deposit for money that needs
Some the players have abused their access the pool-maybe Lesin, maybe Yakunin. Perhaps
Shumkov was mixed operations that cost the pool too much and angered key pool members. the
time Yakunins ouster-and especially after his warning other elites-I thought that were seeing
signs friction the inner elite time diminishing resources, smaller corruption pie, and tensions
over the results sanctions (See the January notes, for instance). repeat that there may
more than one ultimate source kompromat Putin and other players-I could see angry Yakunin
maybe retaliating with dirt surely knows about.
Navalniy and Browder are players their own right, well channels for transmitting kompromat.
think Navalniy still with and not prison because gets least situational cover from whichever
Kremlin tower might using him given moment. associated with anti-Putin forces, but
probably gets some help from people the elite-maybe Alfa Group people-who are also thinking that
its time for change (See the notes from January; May 2015; December 2014; and
November 2014
Another way think the pool place where players lower down the corruption food chain may kick piece the action for their superiors. Questions: How does all this operate practice? Who all
part what must intricate network interlocking channels for money laundering and asset
transactions system that has access the pool? Who accounts for the money the pool and where may end up? doubt that every pool-connected transaction coordinated with other players-there
probably high degree independent operation within the network, with not all those involved aware all the others. The network that has access the pool and includes elaborate money laundering
channels and avenues for asset transactions probably arose spontaneously out few deals and grew
from there, working out its own mode activity and ground rules. The people who pulled off the scam
the Magnitskiy case were operating their own, though they were connected people higher the
food chain various ways, and then they tapped into the channels that were linked Roldugin and the
pool. But how are the details worked out and who does the planning and organization? are only
hearing about very small part what goes the guts what must elaborate informal
machine that one player probably knows inside and out.
Russias overlapping money laundering channels are vast and involve lots games-apart from the
Magnitskiy affair, recall the lengthy GUEBiPK scandal, which pointed clash between the MVD
economic security department (probably allied with elements the Prosecutors office) and the FSB and
its allies the Investigative Committee. The battle was said over controlling money laundering
channels-see the March notes. wind this up, Putin sees the Khodorkovskiy-Kasyanov-Navalniy-Browder types united front the
Wests war against him. aware frictions the elite and the possibility protests that could
play into the hands his enemies dissatisfied Russian elites who might looking for
alternative. One such alternative could Sergey Shoygu (See the April notes, for instance).
creates the National Guard under trusted bodyguard Zolotov his personal palace guard.
Latynina carried this past weekends program:>
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Why couldnt Russian vlast uncover the people responsible for the scam the Magnitskiy affair? wasnt
because they were highly placed. was because they were using the same money laundering
washing machine that some completely different people were also using-including Roldugin. wasnt
that Roldugin was involved the Magnitskiy affair-its that and the others used the same washing
machine ...
Latynina also takes some time discredit Oleg Lure, who testified American court the case
involving Denis Katsyv and money laundering case linked the Magnitskiy affair-she has Lure basically
repeating lot the claims made Nekrasov his film about Magnitsky (cited above). Lure claims
Browder hired Navalniy. She points out that Lure was jail for defrauding Senator Slutsker-and she also
notes that Lure has claimed that saw documents indicating that Navalniy was spy (the same
documents shown NTVs attack piece against Navalniy and Browder).
Strelkov: murder charges?
From the April notes:
[Strelkovs post the murder charges:>
Strelkov says that two men who identified themselves police officers had visited his mothers residence
and told her that was being charged for two murders St. Petersburg-they wanted know whether
she had seen her son around the time the killings... what were they to? What are they trying
show me?, asks Strelkov. Surkov and company should not bother-organizing these kinds vile actions
wont work with me. They wont stop from doing what have do-Im ready for anything they can
throw me...
http ://m. vk. com/wa 1134 7260249_3 529 http ://m. vk. com/wal 134 7260249 529
About the criminal charges supposedly made against me-maybe there case and maybe not. far
have official word that. Theres supposed public meeting Suvorov Square May, but
nobody will there-how many people will think meeting honor fallen countrymen more
important than shashlik holiday?
Land given away the Far East
http://www. themoscowtimes. com/news/article/ ssians-g iven-free-land-i n-cou ntrys-far-east/ 772 htm iven-free-land-in-cou ntrys-fareast/567729. html>
President Vladimir Putin has approved law giving Russian citizens free plots land the countrys Far
East, the Interfax news agency reported Monday.
All citizens will entitled apply for hectare land the Kamchatka, Primorye, Khabarovsk,
Amur, Magadan and Sakhalin regions, the republic Sakha, the Jewish and Chukotka autonomous
The land can used for any lawful purpose but can only rented, sold, given away after initial
five-year waiting period, according the bill.
The program one number initiatives aimed boosting the economy Russias Far East,
including the construction the new Vostochny cosmodrome. recent deal also saw number Chinese
companies set relocating the area.
(b)(6), b7(c) per (FBI) (b)(6),
Friday, April 29, 201 5:1
b7(c) per FBI
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Sent: Frida 29, 2016 5:08 (CID) (FBI) asked Bruce and didnt know him, but going see Nellie does. was wondering maybe knew him through some sort Glenn Simpson John Picarell i-sponsored
event. hadn referred you
wou ldnt have bothered much, but
knowledge that particular nickname certain degree familiarity not avai lable the nternet.
asl@Im1~ jji1%t
Nellie Ohr ~(b) (6)
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 8:23
tomMM:JOt4 1eiN-loltyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
Re: Upcoming Events: Who Mr. Putin?, 2016 Election, and more
This message has been archived. Lisa, think wont make the tomorrow. Say hit
-). met her party
Tfliemovie seems available Youtube Ill have chance watch time permits) was reat see you yesterday!
-----Origina Message----From: Nell Ohr
To: Lisa.Holtyn2
Sent: Mon, Apr
Subject: Re: Upcomi Events: Who Mr. Putin?, 2016 Election, and more think dessert should it. stocked beer and wine. Thanks!!
-----Origina Message----From: Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF) (OCDETF) (b) (6)
To: Nellie Ohr
Sent: Mon, Apr 25, 2016 2:03
Subject: RE: Upcoming Events: Who Mr. Putin?, 2016 Election, and more
p:ttfP!=u. actua lly going his with
permitting, might try qu1c youd like join us, please let know! (Schedules
1te eat ahead ime.) semi-related note, bringi dessert tonig ht, but there anyth ing else you guys need? Happy
bring ne, beer, etc., any other food stuffs!
From: Nell Ohr [mailto (b)
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 1:21
To: Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF); Wheatley, Joe; Nizich, Ivana
Subject: Fwd: Upcom ing Events: Who Mr. Putin?, 2016 Election, and more
Dont know there will anything thats not already Dawishas book, but might attract wider
audience .... not sure for such long even ing ......
-----Origina Message----From: Hudson nstitute 
To: Nellie
Sent: Mon, Apr 25, 2016 11:46
Subject: Upcoming Events: Who Mr. Putin?, 2016 Election, and more
Hudson Institute
Upcoming Events
Wednesday Who Mr.
U.S. and English-Language Film Premiere Featuring David Satter, Anastasia Kirilenko, Karen Dawisha, and
Ilya Zaslavskiy
Vladimir Putin
Wednesday, Apri 27, 6:30pm 10:00pm
Wednesday, April 27, 6:30pm 10:00pm
Hudson nstitutes Kleptocracy Initiative hosts the first U.S. screening and Engl ish-language premiere
the film Who Mr. Putin? Based investigations independent journalists Anastasia Kirilenko and
Vladim Ivanidze, the film documents the origins Russian President Vladim Puti private wealth and
subsequent rise power. The screening will followed short panel discussion, moderated
Hudson Sen ior Fellow David Satter, featuring Anastasia Kirilenko, Karen Dawisha, and Ilya Zaslavskiy.
Register Here
The events above will take place Hudsons Wash ington, headquarters unless otherwise noted.
Hudson Institute
1201 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W. Suite 400
Washington, 20004
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Nizich, Ivana
Monday, April 25, 2016 3:56
Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
RE: Upcoming Events: Who Mr. Putin?, 2016 Election, and more
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Many thanks for the heads much appreciated.
From Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
Sent: Monday, Apri 25, 2016 :44
To: Nizich, vana
Subject: RE: Upcoming Events: Mr. Putin?, 2016 Election, and more
FYI, you have RSVP and there are limited spaces left.
From: Nizich, Ivana
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 3:09
To: Nellie Ohr; Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF); Wheatley, Joe
Subject: RE: Upcoming Events: Who Mr. Putin?, 2016 Election, and more
Many thanks Nellie. (b) (6)
Best regards.
again, will try attend.
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Nellie Ohr (b) (6)
Monday, April 11, 2016 8:32
Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF)
... the had crossed red line and was prepared take harsh action ....
This message has been archived. Lisa,
Thanks for putting touch with Joe and Ivana. enjoyed talking with them and thinking about
potentia tutu conversations.
The following line from interview with Belkovskiy was interesting. Not that were ever sure where
Belkovskiy coming from, but seems saying newly afraid investigations.
When asked why Peskov reacted strongly the Panama papers, Belkovskiy said because these are
not just another expose Timchenko Rotenberg. Rather:
the using its intelligence and police capabilities get the women and Putins closest friends, all
his children, you will. became evident that the had crossed red line and was prepared take
harsh action against people who are very close Putin.
[Belkovskiy seems implying that thinks the Panama papers originated with intelligence and
police???? maybe referring the fact that law enforcement agencies have said they will start
looking into the information contained the Panama papers? any case, Belkovskiy thinks fears
there new push get people close him].
Below the whole issue Waynes notes, containing the interview
-----0 rig Message----From: Wayne Allensworth
To: Wayne and Stacy Allensworth
Sent: Mon, Apr 11, 2016 6:28
Subject: Internet Notes April 2016
Internet Notes April 2016
Belkovskiy Putins assets/Putins money, dissatisfaction his entourage, the National Guard.
More from Stanovaya the Natsguard.
Rossiya Navlaniys Secret correspondence.
Solovey the latest propaganda.
Kadyrov wants more from Moscow
France seizes money owed Russian companies (Yukos).
South Ossetia hold referendum making joining the Russian Federation easier.
Terrorists killed thwarted attack Stavropol police station.
Belkovskiy Putins assets/Putins money, dissatisfaction his entourage, the National Guard
http :// html
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Belkovskiy says that when mentioned Putin being worth $40 billion, for one thing that was back
2007, Putins assets have undoubtedly grown since then. Second, was talking about assets, not
about cash. Belkovsky doesnt think the sum billion mentioned the Panama papers has anything with Putin personally-its cash his friends have made from machinations with Rosneft shares.
Roldugin seemed caught off guard when asked about the money-he did not immediately deny
everything-thats because earlier, Putins friends (people like the Kovalchuks, Timchenko, the
Rotenbergs, Roldug in) thought they were untouchable because Putin. They tend think term
conspiracies and believe there one directed against Putin, them, and Russia, rather than there simply
being people who are not afraid make inquiries. The new reality that Putin has been transformed into full scale enemy the West and that damages the interests his friends, who are the one hand
convinced they are being targeted because they defend the Rodina, and the other still dont quite
believe that catastrophe taking place. the one hand, there talk that there must dissatisfaction Putins entourage-their interests
are being threatened-but the other, there does not appear any split among them. Whats going
on? the National Guard sign that there division and Putin has create new power structure that subordinate only him?
Belkovskiy: opinion, there dissatisfaction Putins entourage-the life strategies the majority
are linked the West, not only the sense assets, but terms health care, their childrens futures, its more than economic interests. They understand that nothing fundamental regarding relations with
the West will change long Putin president-so that sense, the specter palace coup hangs
over the Kremlin. Question is, what will such coup look like? But Putins creating Natsguard wasnt
related dissatisfaction his circle-hed been planning create one since 2013, long before Crimea
and relations with the West deteriorated the low point have seen recently. Putin needs several
parallel power structures, each loyal him personally and capable neutralizing others necessary.
this case, the Internal Troops used the base the Natsguard were created parallel the army, with
the army assigned international tasks, the Natsguard domestic ones. should not forget that Putin sees color revolution and the Arab spring models for the West overthrow him well.
Comment: Weve seen number commentators say that Putin partly had mind creating militarized
structure under his personal control that could fully rely emergency. buy that. What about
the claim that wants neutralize/create counterweight ambitious Shoygu? view has been
that Shoygu looked like credible elite successor for Putin comes that-maybe Putin thought so,
too, but doesnt want anything happening that regard without his consent and approval. Nothing
should happen prematurely, speak...And the more thinks about that, maybe the less likely any
such scenario has coming pass. The very idea that someone could seen elites viable
alternative would make Putin suspicious, think. Why did Peskov, then Putin, react the Panama papers and recent leaks (about the apartments; See,
for instance, the March notes)?
Belkovskiy: Because those cases, arent talking about business figures like the Rotenbergs
Timchenko-Roldug and the women involved the apartments story are people especially personally
close Putin. Putins nervousness also because accusations are coming from officials. can skip
commenting remarks made Belkovskiy, but officials the Treasury Department Obamas
Press Secretary, well, thats something else again, because means the using its intelligence and
police capabilities get the women and Putins closest friends, all his children, you will. became
evident that the had crossed red line and was prepared take harsh action against people who are
very close Putin. What this leading to? There seem two roads-one would cut off relations with the West,
with Putin including his close circle only those who dont have interests relatives abroad; another
tack would try and ease tensions and maintain Russian influence the West, while trying control
the situation domestically...
Belkovskiy: Putin has long been trying win the love the West. wants agreement, especially
with the US, dividing spheres influence Yalta-style. this point, does not occur Putin that
theres going back that world-he thinks that only has wait until Obama gone, until Merkel
gone, people who thinks have something personal against him, then the West will understand that
should remove sanctions against Russia, will understand that Ukraine cannot contemporary
European state-and appears that the West growing disappointed with Ukraine. Putin thinks
can resolve all these complex issues the next few years. will remain power, while the Western
leaders will replaced. Putin does not have sense tragic pessimism-he nervous because does
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
not want see the property people considers part the larger Putin family arrested. His
nervousness does not mean that will order nuclear strike Washington anything. Putin
strategist, but tactician, one cant analyze his actions hes thinking years ahead. Putin may
may not initiate new conflicts that could force the West negotiate with him. far domestic affairs, the task fully control the political system, not allow any outside
interference and prevent any Arab spring color revolution Russian soil, the regime wont
soft. the other hand, there will not any mass repressions, either. Mass repressions are only
possible ideologically driven society and todays Russia not that. Theres social base for mass
Comment: The last point one Ive made many times, only add that country that skews older
demographically not likely place for mass repressions, either. Putins not thinking strategically
another point made number times, but Belkovskiy has been saying that for years
well. Another frequent Belkovskiy point the stuff about Putin wishing conclude Yalta-2
More from Stanovaya the Natsguard
See the April notes. php?id 2096
... One the versions explaining the creation the National Guard that Putin creating
counterweight the FSB. The new structures functions will overlap with those the FSB, part
combatting terrorism. But its doubtful that Putin was trying create competition between power
structures-the president has more than once made understood that thinks siloviky wars
undermine the effectiveness the state. No, are talking about boosting the National Guard time increased domestic tensions the context international tensions. Nevertheless, competition among
the siloviky may result regardless what Putin intends ...
There may some corrections the creation the new structure through amendments the federal
law the Natsguard. The creation the Natsgyard was not just reaction the political situation, both
domestic and international, but the weakness the MVD-but moving the Internal Troops the
Natsguard will only further weaken the ministry and make Kolkoltsev appear vulnerable apparatus foes,
which could open the door more reforms the power departments, reforms that could have
impact the investigative bodies ...
Rossiya Navlaniys Secret correspondence
Comment: The first attack was Kasyanov. Now its Navalniys turn. The aim what Belkovskiy
mentioned-prevent color revolution and foreign interference the elections, control the political
process ...
http://www. vesti. ru/doc. html?id=2741466# http://www. vesti. ru/doc. html?id=2741466>
From Dmitriy Kiselevs program ... Its about Navalniy (described corrupt recidivist) e-mailing (and
apparently Skype conversations with) another Kremlin enemy, William Browder swindler who
inspired the Magnitskiy list), with VGTRKs Yevgeniy Popov describing the secret correspondence
revealing channels between the Russian opposition and the and UK. Former Berezovsky security man
Sergey Solokolov (Comment: not sure where comes into this story-as informant goings the UK?) says the correspondence was picked off servers set the CIA and the MI6
channel for their agents (Freedom-Navalniy and Soloman-Browder) for plotting the overthrow the
Russian constitutional system (Operation Drozh Tremor) .The special operation Drozh dates back 1986 and then-CIA Director William Casey, who planned the overthrow the system the USSR and
Eastern Europe. Part the plan was gain control over financial flows and assets.
Former MVD investigator Pavel Karpov (Comment: was involved the Magnitskiy affair) says that
Browder and Navalniy work parallel one another, well together.. .They first made contact 2006,
when Browder was already banned from entering Russia and Navalniy was young Yabloko activist.
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Browder wanted Navalniy help him with greenmail projects-Navalniy was initially skeptical. Browder
told Navalniy would hero the minority shareholders and would accumulate reputational
capital... Eventually Navalniy agreed and Browder suggested start with VTB. Browders target list
included Gazprom, Rosneft, Sberbank, Lukoil and Surgutneftegaz. But Navalniy needed money,
Browder got him contact with banker Vladimir Ashurkov (Comment: think Ashukrov, who one time
worked for Alfa, was channel for Alfa money the non-systemic opposition. think Alfa supported the
protest wave 2011-2012; See the notes from January; May 2015; December 2014; and
November 2014 for more Ashurkov). The report reproduces correspondence claims was from MI6
controller who channeled RlOO million Navalniy and company.
When Magnitskiy (portrayed here engaging fraud himself) was arrested, Browder asked for
Navalniys help. Navalniy suggested that they play Magnitskiys suffering, something Russians would
respond to. But the Western controller (MI6 Agent Belt) was unhappy-the story wasnt generating
enough interest, the best thing was use connections see that medical aid Magnitskiy
was cut off. Then Magnitskiy died. Sergey Kurginyan chimes say that the person most interested
seeing Magnitskiy dead was Browder. Browder subsequently began his campaign get the set
Magnitskiy list-Navalniy conducted the information campaign Russia.
Another Browder-Navalniy project was the information attack Prosecutor General Chayka, beginning
with the allegedly illegal businesses his son (See, for instance, the December 2016 notes; Comment:
Recall that Chayka blamed Browder for the kompromat)-this followed investigators searching the offices Browders firms Cyprus.
Navalniy has posted the story: supposedly leak information from the CIA identifies Agent Freedom-Kiselyov and his
writers made the dialogue... Who did they consult experts? The former head Berezovskiys
security service and Pavel Karpov, implicated Magnitskiys death, thats who. Karpov has defended
Chayka well. Its all fantasy...
Heres more: ia-hold ing-vgtrk-overbrowder-1 ink-accu sations/56 5407. htm
According Alexey Kovalyov, former employee the state-run RIA Novosti news agency that now
headed the anchor Kiselyov, editors the agency received instructions Monday not cover the
story due probably being fake. Kovalyov cited the email sent the editors that was shown him one the employees.
Comment: would not surprised that Navalniy was contact with Browder and others-he gets
support from somewhere, think the past, least from Alfa, but Vesti Nedeli just made the Agent
Belt stuff.
Navalniy wants criminal case opened and says ready sue:
http :// html
British journalist Shaun Walker noticed how many errors there were the English the supposed MI6
Rus running whole programme @navalny recruitment MI6,
featuring leaked emails full article mistakes. Shaun Walker (@shaunwalker7) :43 anpe1rn 2016 /status/719189006567751680>
Solovey the latest propaganda roundup the latest propaganda ...Offshore accounts Russian state banks were necessary prevent
the Americans from buying Russian media ... Roldugins offshore accounts were meant buy
instruments for Russian musicians ... CIA agent Navalniy corresponded with foreign contacts via email ... Syria ready off contracts worth $500 million for Russian companies help rebuild the country ...
Kadyrov wants more from Moscow
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
http ://g rani. ru/Pol itics/Ru ssia/Reg ions/m. 50435. htm
Kadyrov wrote letter Putin requesting more help from Moscow for number projects
Chechnya. especially emphasized that wanted Moscow transfer 100% the shares Chechenneftekhimprom the republic administration; help with moving 25,000 people out
area damaged landslide last year; and financing for refurbishing the Grozny airport. Official sources
say that Putin has assigned Dvorkovich the task handling these issues (and Dvorkovich assigned
various government ministries and departments formulate proposals those
issues). Chechenneftekhimprom includes various oil fields, refineries, oil extraction equipment and more.
Putin ordered the government look into transfer shares last December, but nothing happened. The
Chechen administration requested funds for the airport back 2014. The government allocated billion
for relocating the people the disaster zone, but only 3869 them have been moved.
France seizes money owed Russian companies (Yukos)
http://www. themoscowtimes. com/busi ness/article/fra nee-seizes-700m-of-money-owed-to-russiancompanies-over-yu kos-lawsu it/565364. html
France seized $700 million payments Russian space companies Roscosmos and Russian Satellite
Communications connection with the case former shareholders defunct oil company Yukos, The
American Lawyer magazine reported Monday. total, France has seized Russian assets worth billion following the Kremlins refusal pay damages former kos shareholders. July 2014, The Hague international arbitration court ruled that Russia must pay $50 billion for
expropriating the assets Yukos.
The seized assets include $400 million owed French-based satellite provider Eutelsat the Russian
Satellite Communications company and $300 million owned French space launch provider Arianespace Russias Roscosmos space agency, the magazine reported, citing the Shearman Sterling legal firm
which represents the Yukos shareholders. representative GML which owns the Hulley Enterprises and Yukos Universal companies that won
the lawsuit against Russia confirmed the RBC newspaper that the seized assets are related
Roscosmos and Satellite Communications.
However, didnt confirm the figures cited The American Lawyer.
According representative, Russia has appealed the seizure money owed Roscosmos and
Satellite Communications French courts. Rulings are expected this month.
South Ossetia hold referendum making joining the Russian Federation easier
http://www. themoscowtimes. com/news/a rticle/d isputed-south-ossetia-will-hold-referend um-on-joiningrussia/565394. html
South Ossetia due hold constitutional referendum, the results which will make easier for the
disputed region become one Russias regions, the republics president Leonid Tibilov said, TASS
reported Monday. are discussing possible dates [for the referendum] the moment. Theres specific date yet, but
will happen the near future. Before August, the president said interview TASS.
The referendum will center changing the republics constitution way which would make future
incorporation into the Russian Federation easier.
South Ossetia breakaway region unrecognized international community. 2008, Russia and
Georgia fought five-day war over the territory, which now recognized Russia and handful other
states independent nation.
Terrorists killed thwarted attack Stavropol police station
http://www. themoscowtimes. com/news/a rticle/3-su icide-bombers-dead-i n-thwa rted-attack-on-ru ssia npolice-station/565392. html
Three suicide bombers have died attempted attack police station Russias Stavropol region,
the Interfax news agency reported Monday.
The militants attempted gain entry the building the Novoselitsky district department the interior
building Russias North Caucasus region.
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
During the attempted attack, two militants were killed and one managed detonate device, Interfax
reported, citing statement from the regional prosecutor Yury Turygin.
The statement confirmed that all three attackers died the attempt. police officers civilians have
been reported injured but the building and nearby police cars suffered some damage, Interfax reported.
Obtaine via FOIA Judicial Watch Inc.
Nellie Ohr (b) (6)
Friday, April 2016 6:21
Wheatley, Joe (CRM)
Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF);Nizich, Ivana (CRM)
Re: email intro
This message has been archived. Joe, Looking forward hearing from you Monday. Ill out between about 10:30 and pm,
but otherwise home atrmlmWIIIIIIII You can always leave message and Ill get back you
convenient time for
but dont always hear it.
-----0 rig Message----From: Wheatley, Joe rr.1:m,.a~
To: Nellie Ohr<
Cc: Holtyn, Lisa OCDETF
(b) (6)
Nizich, Ivana
(b)(6) per CRM
Sent: Fri, Apr 2016
Subject: Re: email intro Nellie--Sorry for not replying sooner! Ivana and have been traveling and were catching email. get back you Monday about some good dates/times talk?
All the best,
Sent from iPhone Mar 28, 2016, 1:25 Nellie Ohr (b) (6)
Lisa, thank you! Joe and Ivana, look forward chatting with you sometime. schedule quite
(b) (6)
(b)(6) per RM.(b)(6) per ~RM
tbJ toJ
Sent: Mon, Mar 28, 2016 12:
Subject: email intro Nellie, Joe and Ivana Hope you each had happy Easter, you celebrate it! wanted connect the three you, know you have shared love for (b)7(e) per CRM 1/0
Nellie, hopefully Bruce mentioned this you already, but asked him you might willing meet with
Joe and Ivana, both whom believe you may know from his prior stint OCRS. told Ivana when
met with her last week that your impressive knowledge all things assistance
some things that they are working currently.
Ill let the three you take from here.
Ohr, Bruce (OCDETF)
Thursdij, January 2018 6:09
Fwd: Follow our conversation
Sent from iPhone
Begin forwarded message:
From: Shaw, Cynthia (JMD) 
Date: January 2018 4:53:11 EST
To: Ohr, Bruce (OCDETF) 
Subject: RE: Follow our conve.rsation
From: Ohr, Bruce (OCDETF)
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2018 11:45
To: Shaw, Cynthia (JMD) 
Subject: Follow our conversation
Cynthia Thank you for taking the time chat with this morning. requested, here short description question: you may have heard, the Senate intelligence committee and House intelligence committee
requested interview connection with their investigations possible Russian interference the
2016 elections. Shortly after receiving the Senate request, series stories broke the press about alleged connnections Chris Steele, the author the so-called Trump dossier.
ethics concerns?
Thank you for your help