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Judicial Watch • JW v. IRS Court Order 01559 7/29/15

JW v. IRS Court Order 01559 7/29/15

JW v. IRS Court Order 01559 7/29/15

Page 1: JW v. IRS Court Order 01559 7/29/15

Category:IRS Scandal

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Date Created:July 29, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 29, 2015

Tags:1559, Governments, users, courts, order, documents, government, production, document, court, district, IRS

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MINUTE ORDER. the July 29, 2015 status hearing, the Government agreed that
the Courts July 2015 oral order from the bench was clear and enforceable.
Nonetheless, the Government reasoned inappropriate file motion for
reconsideration until written order was issued. expressed the hearing, the
Governments reasoning nonsensical. Officers the Court who fail comply
with Court orders will held contempt. Also, the event non-compliance
with future Court orders, the Commissioner the IRS and others shall
directed show cause why they should not held contempt Court.
The Courts July 2015 ruling from the bench stands: (1) the Government shall
produce relevant documents every Monday; (2) the Governments document
production shall accompanied status report that indicates (a) whether
TIGTA has turned over any new documents the IRS, (b) so, the number
documents, and (c) timeframe for the IRSs production those documents.
Signed Judge Emmet Sullivan July 29, 2015. (lcegs4)