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Judicial Watch • JW v State Court Order 00772

JW v State Court Order 00772

JW v State Court Order 00772

Page 1: JW v State Court Order 00772


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Date Created:March 14, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 14, 2016

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Case 1:13-cv-00772-CKK Document Filed 08/23/13 Page 1of4
Civil Action No. 1:13-cv-772 (CKK)
SCHEDULING AND PROCEDURES ORDER order administer this civil action manner fair the litigants and consistent with the
parties interest completing this litigation the shortest possible time and the least possible
cost, is, this 23rd day August, 2013, hereby
ORDERED that the parties are directed comply with each the directives set forth
this Order. The Court will hold the parties responsible for following these directives; failure
conform this Orders directives may, when appropriate, result the imposition sanctions.
COlVIMUNICATIONS WITH THE COURT. The parties should endeavor keep
communications with Chambers minimum. parte communications matters other than
scheduling are strictly prohibited; the parties need contact Chambers, must done jointly
pursuant conference call arranged the parties.
MOTIONS FOR EXTENSIONS TIME. The Court will not entertain honor
stipulations for extensions time; parties must file motion accordance with the following
Motions for extensions time must filed least four (4) business days
prior the first affected deadline.
Motions for extensions time are strongly discouraged; they will granted
only truly exceptional compelling circumstances and parties should not
expect the Court grant extensions.
All motions for extensions time must include the following they will
not considered:
The specific grounds for the extension;
The number previous extensions, any, granted each
Case 1:13-cv-00772-CKK Document Filed 08/23/13 Page
(iii) statement the impact that the requested extension would
have all other previously set deadlines;
(iv) proposed schedule for any other affected deadlines,
proposed only after consulting with opposing counsel; and
(v) statement opposing counsels position vis-a-vis the
motion accordance with Local Civil Rule 7(m).
MOTIONS GENERALLY. Parties must comply with the following instructions
when briefing any motion:
Memoranda points and authorities filed support opposition
any motion may not, without leave the Court, exceed forty-five (45) pages,
and reply memoranda may not exceed twenty-five (25) pages, with margins
set one inch and with all text double-spaced (excepting footnotes) and
twelve-point Times New Roman (including footnotes).
(b) paity may not file sur-reply without first requesting leave the Court.
Where party fails file memorandum points and authorities
opposition given motion, the Court may treat the motion conceded. Civ. 7(b). Similarly, where party fails respond arguments
opposition papers, the Court may treat those specific arguments conceded.
Phrasavang Deutsche Bank, 656 Supp. 196, 201 (D.D.C. 2009).
Exhibits shall properly edited exclude irrelevant material and direct
the Courts attention the pertinent portions thereof.
Each submission shall accompanied table cases and other
authorities cited therein.
Every pleading paper, regardless whether signed attorney prose party, shall contain the name, address, telephone number, and, for
attorney, bar identification number. Civ. 5.l(e).
MOTIONS FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT. Parties must comply with the
following instructions when briefing motions for summary judgment and the Court may strike papers
not conformity therewith:
The Court strictly adheres the dictates Local Civil Rule 7(h), which
requires that each party submitting motion for summary judgment attach
statement material facts for which that party contends there genuine
Case 1:13-cv-00772-CKK Document Filed 08/23/13 Page
dispute, with specific citations those portions the record upon which the
party relies fashioning the statement. The party opposing the motion must, tum, submit statement enumerating all material facts which the party
contends are genuinely disputed and thus require trial. Civ. 7(h)(l).
The parties are strongly encouraged carefully review Jackson Finnegan,
Henderson, Farabow, GarrettDunner, 101F.3d145 (D.C. Cir. 1996),
the subject Local Civil Rule 7(h).
The moving partys statement material facts shall short and concise
statement, numbered paragraphs, all material facts which the
moving party claims there genuine dispute. The statement must contain
only one factual assertion each numbered paragraph.
The party responding statement material facts must respond each
paragraph with correspondingly numbered paragraph, indicating
whether that paragraph admitted denied. paragraph admitted only part, the party must specifically identify which parts are admitted and
which parts are denied.
The Court may assume that facts identified the moving party its
statement material facts are admitted, unless such facts are controverted the statement filed opposition the motion. Civ. 7(h)(l).
The responding party must include any information relevant its response its correspondingly numbered paragraph, with specific citations the
record. However, the responding party has additional facts that are not
directly relevant its response, must identify such facts consecutively
numbered paragraphs the end its responsive statement facts
additional factual allegations are made, the opponent must file
responsive statement its own.
The parties must furnish precise citations the po11ions the record
which they rely; the Comt need not consider materials not specifically
identified. Fed. Civ. 56(c)(l)(A), (c)(3).
MOTIONS FOR RECONSIDERATION. Motions for reconsideration prior
rulings are strongly discouraged. Such motions shall filed only when the requirements ofF ederal
Rules Civil Procedure 54(b 59( e), and/or 60(b) are met. such motion filed, shall not
exceed ten (10) pages length. Moreover, the Court will not entertain: (a) motions which simply
reassert arguments previously raised and rejected the Court; (b) arguments which should have
been previously raised, but are being raised for the first time. Fielding Alex Brown, 116
Supp. 59, (D.D.C. 2000). Motions not compliance with these instructions may stricken.
COURTESY COPIES. The parties shall deliver one (1) comtesy copy any
Case 1:13-cv-00772-CKK Document Filed 08/23/13 Page
submission that over twenty-five (25) pages length that includes more than one (1) exhibit the Court Security Officer the loading dock located Third and Streets (not the Clerks
Office Chambers). Courtesy copies shall appropriately bound and tabbed for ease reference.
SETTLEMENT. The parties are expected evaluate their respective cases for
purposes settlement. The Court encourages the use alternative dispute resolution e.g.,
mediation neutral case evaluation. The use these methods available any time,
settlement conference before magistrate judge. counsel are interested pursuing these options,
they may contact Chambers any time. the case settles whole part, counsel shall
promptly advise the Court.
APPEARANCES HEARINGS. Principal trial counsel must appear all
hearings unless excused the Court advance. FURTHER ORDERED that the parties shall adhere the following schedule:
Defendant shall complete the searches components has determined are
reasonably likely contain responsive records October 15, 2013.
Defendant shall begin rolling productions material that determines
releasable October 22, 2013 and will continue making releases
rolling basis every six weeks thereafter.
The parties shall file supplemental joint status report October 18, 2013.
Additional dates will set necessary. The dates identified above are firm; the Court has
endeavored give the parties the schedule that they have requested and expects that they will adhere that schedule. ORDERED.
Date: August 23, 2013
United States District Judge