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Judicial Watch • JW v State DSCC docs 01733 pg 101

JW v State DSCC docs 01733 pg 101

JW v State DSCC docs 01733 pg 101

Page 1: JW v State DSCC  docs 01733 pg 101


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Date Created:October 19, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 19, 2015

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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department !=tate Case No. F-2.014-10167 noc No. C05732083 Date: 09/01/2015
Obtameaoy Jud1c1al Wafcli Inc. via fOI
(Septemoer 2015)
NATSECACT1947,B7(E), 1.4(0),B7(C),B6
The following preliminary timeline events they took place both Benghazi and Tripoli reported and from the Diplomatic Security Command Center September and 12,
2012. All ti~es are approximate.
Tuesday. Eastern Daylight Time
.1550 The Diplomatic Security Command Cent~r (DSCC) receives word that Mission
Benghazi under attack 15,.20 armed hostile~
1615 RSO Benghazi advises that hostile individuals are setting fire buildings the
compound, including the one housing Ambassador Stevens, IPO Sean Smith, and ARSO
!located close proximity responds with
Quick Reaction ~rce (QRF) from its Annex takes fire from hostiles. QRF returns the
Annex regroup with host militia and redeploys.
1720 The QRF returns the Benghazi with all five RSQ agents and the body
IPO Smith. Ambassador Stevens exact location remains unknown.
1834 The State Operations Center infonned the presence two contractors Benghazi
hotel holding their position.
Embassy Tripoli has confirmed the whereabouts all COM employees Tripoli.
member Response T~am from Tripoli the Bengh
._____, help 1.4(0)
2332 Annex Benghazi receives indirect fire two separate volleys, killing
personnel (Medics) and wounding two others (one agent and onLJsecurity).-=
~Wednesday, Eastern Daylight Time
0034 All ~O~ employees and the Response Team depart[)nnex Benghazi traveling
the Benghazi Airport.
u::~~ssy Tripoli reports. all COM personnel have be~n consolidated and are located the 0131
!COM employees depart wheels up, for Tripoli Intemationa~ Airport.
wait for second plane with three killed action and the Ambassador presumed de~d.
Ambassador Stevens body arrives Benghazi Airport.
0238 The first flight from Benghazi touches down Tripoli International Airport, met staff
from Embassy Tripoli. Wounded personnel are sent local hospital.
Senior Reviewer
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-10167 Doc No. C05732083 Date: 09/01/2015