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Judicial Watch • JW v State Mills logo email 01511

JW v State Mills logo email 01511

JW v State Mills logo email 01511

Page 1: JW v State Mills logo email 01511


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Date Created:January 4, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 04, 2016

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United States Department State
Washington, 20520
Case No. F-2014-11262
Segments: IPS-0001
NOV 2015
Ms. Kate Bailey
Judicial Watch
425 Third St. SW, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Dear Ms. Bailey: refer our letter dated November 2015, regarding the release certain Department State records under the Freedom Information Act (the FOIA), U.S.C. 552.
The Department received materials from former Department employees, Huma Abedin, ryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan. The search these records has completed.
have reviewed the 1z1 records that were retrieved and have determined that all may
released with excisions. All released material enclosed. enclosure explains the FOIA exemptions and other grounds for withholding material.
Where have made excisions, the applicable FOIA exemptions are marked each
document. will keep you informed your case progresses. you have any questions, your
attorney may contact Trial Attorney Robert Prince (202) 305-3654 Please sure refer the case number, F-2014-11262, and
the civil action number, 1:14-cv-01511, all communications about this case.
John Hackett, Director
Office Information Programs and Services
Enclosures: stated.
Please note that two distinct documents have inadvertently been marked with the same document number C05895619.
The Freedom Information Act USC 552)
FOIA Exemptions
Withholding specifically authorized under Executive Order the interest national
defense foreign policy, and properly classified. E.O. 12958, amended, includes
the following classification categories:
Military plans, systems, operations
Foreign government information
Intelligence activities, sources methods, cryptology
Foreign relations foreign activities the US, including confidential sources
Scientific, technological, economic matters relating national security,
including defense against transnational terrorism
1.4(f) U.S. Government programs for safeguarding nuclear materials facilities
1.4(g) Vulnerabilities capabilities systems, installations, infrastructures, projects,
plans, protection services relating national security, including defense
against transnational terrorism
1.4(h} Information weapons mass destruction
Related solely the internal personnel rules and practices agency
Specifically exempted from disclosure statute (other than USC 552), for example:
Arms Export Control Act, USC 2778(e)
Central Intelligence Agency Act 1949, USC 403(g)
Export Administration Act 1979, App. USC 2411(c)(1)
Foreign Service Act 1980, USC 4003 4004
Immigration and Nationality Act, USC 1202(f)
Iran Claims Settlement Act, Sec 505, USC 1701, note
Privileged/confidential trade secrets, commercial financial information from person
lnteragency intra-agency communications forming part the deliberative process,
attorney-client privilege, attorney work product
Information that would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy
Information compiled for law enforcement purposes that would:
(A) interfere with enforcement proceedings
(B) deprive person fair trial
(C) constitute unwarranted invasion personal privacy
(D) disclose confidential sources
(E) disclose investigation techniques
(F) endanger life physical safety individual
Prepared for government agency regulating supervising financial institutions
Geological and geophysical information and data, including maps, concerning wells
Other Grounds for Withholding
Material not responsive FOIA request, excised with the agreement the requester
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State r.::ise No.
J-?0. 1-1 1?6? Doc N.p. C05895586 Date: 11/12/2015 Obfa1necroy ua1e1al1Wa 1en, me. Via FOi~
Subject Draft Agenda
From: Etban.Oelbcr ~------Date: 9112112. 10:29 ----- -----,
To: CbecyJ Mills.......___~-----
CC: md_wldmaj.__
__, know it~ bcal a-4_~.t.IJ:pefhlly broedenlog-mto mare substantive.discmston.
But wo.lmve also inclq(kd- Jbr fi:cdback~ lho_ pro?eSS.
Pl~ let know
iflhi8 medS yaur expcc:wions .fir tomorrt>ws meetiog iftome oftMsc haw already been
answem:t fei:dbflCt tjqm:ftle-rmd .tDl!l.tials.
Let usicnow ifwecan:lwi:ofhdp aQ)Odietway.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05895586 Date: 11/12/2015
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State .Case No.. .F-?0 14- 1126? No. C05895591 Date: 11/12/2015
-Oota1nea Jua1c1a Wac 1nc. v1aFCITT
Subject dcc~,-; s:--_,,
Frow~ f!a,)uii~.
Date: 971 ~Zf~;//:i- P=M ~-------.
To: CheryJ:MJJls
.Sucha tragklos~.
J.uli~ !fa. E.Sq,
Global Settor l:eader --Oovemment- Afrairs .Practice
H~idrick ;.Sti,uggl~
2001 P.e~Y.lvania:Avenuc,
Solte $OO
Wa~bipgton, 2CJ:Q0.6
Uoited States
Link to: Iulian Heid.rick. Struggles Bio~~phy
Thought.Leadership: The roJc of.Head c;>f.Gov.~ent:A.ffairs w.iis.always important
read .how .if.s nqw bec;oroc mission criticakhttp;/
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05895591 Date: 11/12/2015
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. f-?014-11267 noc No. C05895594 Date: 11/12/2015
Obta1nei:f 15y Jud1c1al Watch, Inc. v1a~dTA
Subject: Fwd: New Logos
From: Cheryl Mills !~-----------.
Date: 9/13/12, 11:2 Pfy,1
To: Jean-Louis Warnholz!__ _____.I
;;;~;,J~d;T:~:~;t:2m ~s:np
Date: Thu, Sep 13,
Sub~~ ns:
To; eryl---1 havent stopped watching the .news and heart breaks for
Ambassador Steph ens family, for Hillary (and you) and all those who
worked with him. What amazing life lived and had among
the best Ambassadors the Foreign Service. wa-s going give you the printouts logos tomorrow
think they are great) but thought youd like look them over the
Sending heart hug you
Much Love--Judy
From: Marty Erhart
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 8-:55
To: Judy Trabulsi
Subject: Re: Leaving for tomorrow morning
Ive attached two pdfs. The first has the cdmillsGroup logo the
sans-serif font and the second has the serif font. Adjusted the
burnt orange color more accurate. Both pdfs .show the logo.
letterhead. business card and envelope. The tag line printed like
wat~rmark the letterhead. addition, aiscussed, youll find
the the double-globe endeavor branding element used brochure
cover and two powerpoint slides. Dont hesitate email back with
any questions.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05895594 Date: 11/12/2015
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State .Case No. .F-?014-1126? noc No. C05895594 Date: 11/12/2015
01:ita1ned Judicial Watch, Inc. v1alOTA
Marty Erhart
828 West 6th St.
4602 Austin, 78703
:f~ Sli.242 4733
From: J~dy l:r~buls_i
Date: W,e-0, Sep 2012 16:2s:S9 0500
.To: Marty Erhart
S4,b]e~: RE: ie~wing_ for at,11 tomo,rro.w:me,rning
afe the be~t.
From: Marty Erhart
Sent: Wedn sday,,.S.epte
mbel- 2012,4:
To: Judy Trabulsi
Subjec:t: Re: Leavfog for at. tomorro~ morning
Will ~mail new pdf ta:you _toriiglit.
~en[ via Bl_ac~B~rry from T-Ma~ile
from: Judy Trabulsi
oace: Wed~ Sep:2012 .16:10:09 -0500
To: Marty Erhart!~-,---------
Subject: leaving or_oq. tomorrow morning
AnQ having lunch with Cheryl--ls there any way-yo.u canhave the
revised logo discussed fomon:ow morning afld _:rot-maybe you could
email them Thursday and can show her.-on-the