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Judicial Watch • NARA Whitewater OIC report pg 18

NARA Whitewater OIC report pg 18

NARA Whitewater OIC report pg 18

Page 1: NARA Whitewater OIC report pg 18


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Date Created:January 27, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 27, 2016

Tags:crimes, Grande, Castle, OIC, mcdougal, NARA, hubbell, Whitewater, option, Madison, agreement, hillary, Hillary Clinton, clinton, FOIA, transactions

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estate Castle Grande. The transactions involving Seth Ward, Jim McDougal, Madison
Guaranty Savings and Loan (MGSL) and Castle Grande were crimes. Hillary Clinton and
Hubbell, whether knowingly not, provided legal .services that faeilitated those crimes and
exposed themselves, and the RLF potential criminal and civil liability. particular: attorneys
from the Rose Law Firm (RLF) did the legal work the real estate transaction using language
provided Hubbell; Hillary Clinton worked two fraudulent cross-loans and option
agreement that were used deceive bank examiners the true nature the Castle Grande
transactions and the involvement MGSL those transactions; Hubbells secretary typed the
agreements and Ward received the documents directly from Hubbell. Madison officials used the
option agreement deceive the bank examine~ and their deception materially effected their
assessment MGSL. __.Hillary Clinton destroyed her person records her work for MGSI:, includirig
the file relating her work the option agreement less than two years after the work wru/
completed and while civil law suit relating that very option agreement, Seth Ward and
MGSL was pending. the same time there was ongoing criminal investigation MGSL.
Hubbell received and solicited business from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
(FDIC) and the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) represent the FDIC and th~ RTC
lawsuit conservator MGSL accountlng malpractice case, Madison Guarant.Y Frost.
During the Emst litigation read various reports that described Castle Grande and Ward
having engaged crimes. Hubbell concealed all work that Hillary Clinton, Hubbeil .and the RLF
had done for MGSL and Seth Ward. When, 1989, Jim McDougal was indicted;for
FOIA(b)? .(C)
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