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Judicial Watch • NSC unmasking FOIA request

NSC unmasking FOIA request

NSC unmasking FOIA request

Page 1: NSC unmasking FOIA request


Number of Pages:4

Date Created:April 5, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 13, 2017

Tags:NSC, unmasking, Susan Rice, security, FOIA

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April 2017 CETF
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ciiiiiicii produce wing words Jan! die Freedom nfon-na Act.
CS1: 552 FOLK and the Act 97M. Any imu requesh: for Momma-am anaiym, summaries. usmmems,
(nu-scripts, ei- iimim mam summed Intel gzna: Cumin unit)
member agency {mployct represcmmvc thereof 1mm
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indi dlul suing banal aim Ruisiau gnvemmcnt Influence
mheiwisc iniertm with the 2016 presidenml elevlion. egcd hacking cmnputer iyiieim Ily lkJnuuralic
Miriam Cummincc mm. linmn pmzdensiai campaign Any utuul ikd millmunimn betwezn any member nflhc
Trump praiidnn campaign ui- (rmxi and any mm]
emplnye: with: 12mm government any individual ming
behall 0mm Rushism government. The identi rim) Mandated aid: the Irllmp prexidentix!
mmpahxn {run-dds) team who idauli pnrsuzm
intu mc: mumion neiiviries.
Nauonal Saturity Cuundl
April 2017 Any mania upon former om} Security
Adviuur Susan Ric: and/u any men-hm mph mammal;
Nprcimll ihe Nniurwl Securiyy Council rexpume any mqum!
demand pxrl thin mum, Any and mom; nfcum-unieatinu buwcm any mmL mployev,
reprewnlutivc aha) lnwlligznce Community member agency and II:
Minna! 22mm, Adviser Susan mam member, empmm,
member, reyrewnmivc Nam-nu} ecm~22y Conucu Ngxldng,
construing, land any requm describcd part any Inquest.
The man Frame for this mqum! Junuury pmm, leass cogmmm mm; Appeaws
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415(D.C.(.ir 198. VIn
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