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Judicial Watch • Obamacare security production 5 00430

Obamacare security production 5 00430

Obamacare security production 5 00430

Page 1: Obamacare security production 5 00430


Number of Pages:886

Date Created:July 31, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 29, 2015

Tags:cmsoo, NolResp, Booth, cciio, notresp, Teresa, schankweiler, Resp, Recs, 2453, DOMA, kevin, GSA, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday, HHS, security, DHS, thomas, federal, FOIA, EPA, IRS, ICE, CIA

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Hlluil .mF l-kl _liill ill ill
Department ofl-lealth Human Services
Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services
7500 Security Boulevard, Mail Stop N2-20-16
Baltimore, Maryland 21244-I 850
OiTIC (}fll.lEx g:l >~t-i:in~_u_and l{.~s;u:i1ui~. Affairs/Freedom oflnformation imllp t-lei Control mnlm 020l37053
May I5, 2015
Mr. William Marshall
Judicial Watch
425 Third Street, SW.
Suite 800
Washington, DC. 20024
Dear Mr. Marshall:
This the fth interim response your December 20, 2013 Freedom information Act (FOIA)
request addressed the CMS FOIA cer, Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS),
Freedom oflnformation Group. Your request sought access the Following records:
Any and all records related to, regarding connection with the security web portal including, but not limited to, studies, memoranda,
Correspondence, electronic communications (emails), and slide presentations from
January the present date. June 13, 2014, you modi the scope ofyour FOIA request exclude records consisting oflines
computer code and records that would otherwise leave the website vulnerable attack
released the public. You emphasized that this modi cation covers technical documents only, and that
HHS records merely stating generally discussing the existence ofa potential problem with the website
were still within the parameters your request. this interim response have processed total of884 pages. Two hundred forty-four (244) pages are
released their entirety, three hundred seventy-one (371) pages are released part, and two hundred
fty-nine (259) pages are withheld full. All these pages are enclosed and have been bates
numbcrcd. Ten (10) pages have been intentionally blank.
Comprised within the 630 pages redacted either full part material that either: Within the
scope the June 13, 2014 modi cation your request, and therefore considered non-responsive
your request; Exempt from disclosure pursuant the deliberative process privilege Exemption Exempt from disclosure pursuant Exemption
Hltmi .lwlF l-kl _liili ill ill
Mr. William Marshall
May 15, 2015
Exemption b(5), Deliberative Process Privilege: FOIA Exemption permits federal agency
withhold inter-agency intra-agency memorandums letters which would not available law
party other than agency litigation with agency.
Exemption FOIA Exemption permits federal agency withhold information about individuals
personnel and medical les and similar les when the disclosure such information would
constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy.
Please advised that CMS review records located which may responsive your modi
request remains active and ongoing. additional responsive records are reviewed, CMS will promptly
release all non-exempt records that are responsive your request.
Sincerely yours,
Hugh Gilmore
Hugh Gilmore
Freedom Information Group
Enclosure (884pages)
wnmm. wax,
From: txqgfggsh, gggg (2.:
To: ___; Booth Jo_n (cms,/oih
lfhao, Henry (CM:/oust NolResp
shame, Hg7rn 7n7tr(( Feq raI_ ,_z,y rp_an raI_rprar@_c_gr federa mp_J_[Jjgmgnnsnarma@cgif:=deraI.mm1, Mark
Urr, Peter (CMS/CTR},
Robert (CMS/CTR