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Judicial Watch • Pages from FISA transcript motion 35-36

Pages from FISA transcript motion 35-36

Pages from FISA transcript motion 35-36

Page 1: Pages from FISA transcript motion 35-36


Number of Pages:2

Date Created:July 24, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 24, 2018

Tags:techniques, Surveillance, flynn, FISA, Marshall, foreign, Intelligence, CARTER, Community, FOIA

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us. Deparcmenc Justice
Nana Seuur ilyDivision
Washingmn, 20530
William Marshall Re: FOIA/PA 221
425 Third St., SW, Suiie 800
Washingto 0024
wmcl org luneZOIrB
Dear Mr. Marshall:
This em; response your FOZA (itOiAyany Act (PA) requesi dated February 2018 requesting and ipls heari bail-w Foreign Iigm
Surveillance Court regarding applk ntin far renewal: ofFareign Surveillance
Ac: TISl ants [dating Carter Page anal orlrltchael Flynn. Our 01A
received your Freedom luiorrrnnion request June 2018
For your inf naiwn Cong excluded three discrete categories oflsw enforcement
and national sec recmds (mm the requirements ofihe IAV See U.S.C 552(6) (2003
Suppl (2010). This response limited (hove reeorda are subject the requirements (if
the FOIA. This standard caiien that all our requesbers and should not
taken indicaiion aha: excluded records do, not, exist.
llic nianal Security Dimsion (NED) maintains operational les which douwnent
request uppmv Join the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court authority {or the
US. Intelligence Comm unity CDlHIiK ceriain foreign intelligence actwilies. no: Search these records response requesLs iegarding the use non-use
sueli techniques cases where the con rmation denial the exisicnue responsive records
would, and reveal infornmiian properly elaysiiied under Executive Order 13526
con deny the existence such materials each case would tend reveal properly
classi informalinn regarding whether particular surveillance techniques have have not
been used the US, intelligence Community. Accordingly, with respect your IEQUCSL
relaxing Michael Flynn, can nciiher con nor deny the existenct records these les
responsive your request pursuam~
Based lieelnssi caiion xlecisiom the President and the elligence Community
however are able respond your request relating Carter Page search ofNSD
lGCOldS did not identify any records responsive you Lbis Inquest litigmicn. are umitting our standard administrative appeal
Kevin Tiemm
Records and FOEA Uni