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Judicial Watch • Refugee resettlement VT documents 2016 pg 35-37

Refugee resettlement VT documents 2016 pg 35-37

Refugee resettlement VT documents 2016 pg 35-37

Page 1: Refugee resettlement VT documents 2016 pg 35-37


Number of Pages:3

Date Created:October 5, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 05, 2016

Tags:relugees, uscri, remgees, unemp, Runand, Remgee, taxpayers, taxes, Resettlement, Vermont, SCHOOLS, Refugee, 2016, Young, documents

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emgee raeamamem progvam mum VRRP/USCRV :unemy 1ne exmoramry pmcess determme
me1easibr1r1y e1rese111rng re1ugees Ruuana VRRPJUSCRI has begun consuhing wrrnlaca1s1a ders, Resemernem and (Dr any commnnizy) conmgenl upon
spbmval 1mm 1ne1eaera1 governmem Runand undergaing rsvival and wcrk progress
nrrg l/www seyenaayaw.comrye mgnI/ru
renrya11Can1enmra 22954363 Young eduus remmmg myesr and energize Rulland Remgees can bnng glam perspeenyee and expense Remgees nrrng mree1knw1eage abour Mary and warld
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