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Judicial Watch • Searchable JW v State 14-1511 June 3 production (w numbering) 11

Searchable JW v State 14-1511 June 3 production (w numbering) 11

Searchable JW v State 14-1511 June 3 production (w numbering) 11

Page 1: Searchable JW v State 14-1511 June 3 production (w numbering) 11

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Date Created:June 29, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 29, 2015

Tags:bullpen, ventrell, pearat, Dibble, Meehan, statements, Searchable, nuland, numbering, 1511, jacob, elizabeth, victoria, Patrick, Sullivan, kennedy, Tuesday, September, Benghazi, production, department

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U,S. Department State Case No. F-2014-11 262 Doc No, C05701833 Date, 05129/2015
REVIEW AUTHORITY: Archie Bols er, Senior
Meehan, Bemadette
Tuesday. September 11,20176:2:ifPM-
Nuland, Victoria DIbble, Elizabeth Ventrell, Patrick
Sullivan, Jacob Kennedy, Patrick
RE: separate statements for bullpen pearat
Ben good with these and with Jake now too.
Erom: Nuland, Vlcb)1ia [mallto:nulandy1@state,goy)
Sent: Tuesday, SeJ:_ber 11, 2012 6:21
To: Nuland, Victorial Dibble, Elizabeth Ventrell, Patrick Meehan, Bernadette
Cc: Sullivan, Jacob Kennedy, Patrick
Subject: RE: separate statements tor bullpen pearat are holding for Rhodes clearance. BMM. pIs advise asap.
From: Nuland, Vk.toria
Sent: TUesday, September 11, 2012 6:15
To: Nuland, Victoria Dibble, Elizabeth Ventrell, Patrick
Cc: Sullivan, Jacob.J; Kennedy, Patrick
SUbject: RE: separate statements for bullpen pearat
Fixed add condemnation.
From: Nuland, VIc:toria
sent: Tuesday, SeJ:t.mber 11, 20126 :10 ?!-_ _-,
To: Dibble, Elizabeth Ventrell, P._ H;LI_ ---
Cc: Sullivan, Jacob Kennedy, Patridt
SUbject: separatle statements for bullpen pearat
Patrick, pis put out two separate statements bullpen, asap. record, can conRnn thM our offICe Benghazi, libya has been attacked group militants. working with the
Ubyans now secure the compound condemn strongest tenns this attack our dipklmatic mission. Cairo, can confirm that Egyptian police have now removed the demonstrators who had entered our Embassv
grounds earlier tod.ay.
For prs duty guidance, pressed whether see connection between these two, have information regarding connection between these incidents.
UNCLASSIFIED U,S, Department State Case No, F-201 4-1 1262 Doc C05701833 Date: 0512912015