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Judicial Watch • Summary of meeting with North Africa and the Near East Delegation – February

Summary of meeting with North Africa and the Near East Delegation – February

Summary of meeting with North Africa and the Near East Delegation – February

Page 1: Summary of meeting with North Africa and the Near East Delegation – February


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Date Created:March 16, 2016

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The International Program Regional Project for North Africa and the Near East
Saudi Arabia
Judicial Watch hosted delegation international visitors its headquarters
Washington, DC, February 2016. The delegation ten professionals had
expertise various fields, include political, legal, business, and government
both the local and regional levels. The delegates represented the Near East and
North African countries Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. guests the U.S. Department State International Visitor Leadership Program
(IVLP), they were the United States participate project titled Transparency Federal, State, and Local Government.
The U.S. Department State background studies indicate that the countries
North Africa and the Near East play key role regional security architecture, and
are vital partners defense initiatives. The U.S. shares relationship with these
countries based wide range common security issues, including Middle East
peace and countering terrorism.
The Department State professional objectives for this project were, part, to:
Highlight the mechanisms that enable citizens foster good governance,
ethical standards and accountability the local, state and federal levels; and
The International Program
Analyze grassroots actions that have resulted honest, transparent and fair
practices government.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton met with the visitors and provided them with
general overview Judicial Watch mission and activities and the tools uses
promote ethics and accountability the nation public life. informed them that
the federal Freedom Information Act (FOIA) request Judicial Watch primary
tool its investigations government wrongdoing. law that provides public
access certain federal agency records and documents. (Similar laws have been
enacted state and local governments.) Underlying the enactment open records
and meetings laws the core tenet democratic governance that the public has the
right know what its government doing.
Mr. Fitton told the visitors that has earned reputation one the most active
and effective users open records laws the country. Just within the last five
years, has filed over 3,000 FOIA requests with the current administration and
unearthed documents even Congress has been unable obtain.
When agency fails provide with documents requested through FOIA,
lawsuit filed force that agency comply with the law. The court can then
compel that agency produce the records provide the appropriate legal
exemptions for withholding them. There are nine exemptions allowed FOIA law.
Classified records relating our national defense are exempt, well records
already protected statute, such the Privacy Act, and records protected the
attorney-client and attorney work-product privileges. process that typically
takes months. And, Mr. Fitton told the visitors, Judicial Watch has had file over
300 lawsuits against the Obama administration order ensure its compliance with
the open records law. illustrate, Mr. Fitton discussed just how that process unfolded during
investigation the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack the American embassy Benghazi, Libya, that took the lives U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens
and three other Americans. result diligence its investigation the
Benghazi matter, the smoking gun Benghazi documents were uncovered that proved
White House involvement the crafting false narrative, blaming
The International Program
inflammatory anti-Islam Internet video the Benghazi massacre all protect the
president from political fallout during his reelection campaign 2012. direct result this Judicial Watch disclosure, House Select Committee
Benghazi was convened further investigate the Benghazi scandal.
Mr. Fitton concluded the meeting with brief QA session and advised the
delegation that the best antidote corruption have government that respects
the rule law. help ensure that laws are faithfully executed, there must
transparency and means hold government officials accountable. Transparency
and accountability produce stable economic environment which good for
investment. said that you have calculate who pay off order make
business investment when courts not uphold contracts court economic
development suffers. set forth its Mission Statement, through its educational endeavors, Judicial
Watch advocates high standards ethics and morality the nation public life and
seeks ensure that political and judicial officials not abuse the powers entrusted them the American people. Judicial Watch fulfills its educational mission
through litigation, investigations, and public outreach. The International Program integral part its educational program.