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Judicial Watch • Summary of UN Briefing, “Global Refugee Crises: Opportunities and Challenges” – November

Summary of UN Briefing, “Global Refugee Crises: Opportunities and Challenges” – November

Summary of UN Briefing, “Global Refugee Crises: Opportunities and Challenges” – November

Page 1: Summary of UN Briefing, “Global Refugee Crises: Opportunities  and Challenges” – November


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Date Created:March 16, 2016

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Global Refugee Crises: Opportunities and Challenges
The Women International Forum held briefing November 23, 2015, United
Nations Headquarters New York discuss the current global refugee crisis, with
Ms. Ninette Kelley, the Director United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee
Liaison Office New York, the featured speaker. Ms. Kelley took this position
2015 after serving five years UNHCR Representative Lebanon and after having
served for years with the Immigration and Refugee Board Canada. She legal
practitioner and has published refugee issues and co-author The Making the
Mosaic: The History Canadian Immigration Policy.
The Women International Forum (WIF) was founded 1975 and, according its Web
site, enjoys close association with the United Nations:
WIF has current membership over 300 women and men. The
Secretariat invites WIF hold its briefings conference room the Headquarters Building. The briefings are open not only WIF
members, but also diplomats from the Permanent Missions the
and officials the Secretariat.
Mrs. Ban Soon-Taek, wife the Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon,
the Patron the WIF. Many the women who serve their countries
permanent representatives high-ranking officials the
Secretariat serve the WIF Honorary Board.
Its creation was seen means engaging lectures and discussions related the
current agenda the United Nations. the numbers tell the story, the Syrian refugee crisis was the focal point this briefing.
Ms. Kelley reported that the total refugee displacement from Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and
Afghanistan estimated million. The number people being displaced the
world daily has quadrupled the last years from 11,000 2010 42,500 2014. the largest exodus refugees since World War II. the refugee population were
country, she said would the 24th largest the world.
There were 1.7 million asylum applications filed 2014 another highest decades
with estimated 105,200 refugees resettled new countries.
Yet the recent explosion numbers refugees from Syria that has created alarm.
The surge Syrian refugees fleeing neighboring countries over the last four years
estimated million. And just the last months, thousands are known have died desert and boat crossings. estimated 13.9 million people Syria have been forced flee their homes and villages, and percent that number are said children
(which the highest number refugee children decades).
The Women International Forum
November 23, 2015
Here are some other startling statistics from the total estimated million refugees the
world today: percent are located the developing world forced from homes but still
country percent live serious poverty percent are women and children
Most have lived refugees for more than years
Ms. Kelley reported that the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) opened
percent budget deficit this year. Only handful countries (Turkey 2.6 percent,
Lebanon percent and Europe 0.3 percent) have been willing take refugees.
And the burden the displaced carried states with the least resources. She noted
that all countries took 2.6 percent the refugees, the refugee problem would
Although the United States takes about 80,000 refugees every year more refugees
than any other country the Syrian refugee population small comparison other
countries, according Ms.Kelley. Not addressed was the current debate the U.S.
concerning the terrorist threat from Syrian refugees. Ms. Kelley simply stated the
position that refugees are not the cause terror, but are fleeing aggression, and Syrian
refugees should not victimized twice calling them terrorists.
However, the U.S. Office the Director National Intelligence (ODNI) the agency
that oversees the intelligence community (Air Force, Army, Navy, Treasury, Coast
Guard, FBI, CIA and others) has confirmed that indeed terrorists have tried exploit
Obama Syrian refugee initiative. alert that needs heeded.
Both the State Department and the RAND Corporation analyses show Syria
hotbed Hezbollah militants and Qaeda-linked jihadists.
Through its own investigation, Judicial Watch has found that individuals with ties
terrorist groups Syria have tried infiltrate the United States through the Obama
refugee program. This was confirmed both the ODNI and The National
Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Further, although the State Department provided its
utmost assurances the viability its rigorous screening process, that assurance
was all but refuted during congressional hearing October through testimony given
the director the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Matthew Emrich,
who conceded that there are systems place collect information vet. This
concession had earlier been confirmed FBI Assistant Director Michael Steinbach who
said there was way properly screen for terrorist ties because You talking about
country that failed state, that does not have any infrastructure, speak.
The Women International Forum
November 23, 2015
all the data sets the police, the intel services that normally you would seek
information don exist.
Ms. Kelley closed the briefing discussing ways which civil society has and can
make difference, noting that both political and private intervention needed resolve
the current refugee crisis.