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Judicial Watch • UN DPI NGO Meeting Regarding Human Trafficking SEPT 28 2017

UN DPI NGO Meeting Regarding Human Trafficking SEPT 28 2017

UN DPI NGO Meeting Regarding Human Trafficking SEPT 28 2017

Page 1: UN DPI NGO Meeting Regarding Human Trafficking SEPT 28 2017

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Waking the World the Dire Need Stop Trafficking Children,
Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Pornography September 28, 2017, special high-level event was convened the United Nations
headquarters New York for thematic dialogue Child Sexual Exploitation and
Child Pornography the Digital Age. The panelists included survivor trafficking,
sitting Congresswoman, and filmmakers dedicated exposing and combatting the
systems, laws, and corporations that enable the heinous crime child sexual exploitation the United States and across the world.1
The event was organized Group Friends United Against Trafficking and the
Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam), with former Republican Congresswoman
Michele Bachman (U.S. House Representatives, 2007-2015) serving moderator.
The objective this event was assess the progress made since the implementation
the Global Plan Action Combat Trafficking Persons adopted the General
Assembly July 30, 2010. the second high-level meeting the issue trafficking the last six months, there growing recognition the urgent need improve
international efforts combat human trafficking terms the sale children, child
prostitution, and child pornography.
The Global Plan Action adopted the General Assembly 2010 reaffirmed
Member States intent end the heinous practice trafficking persons through
cooperative efforts and partnerships, and through prosecutions and victim assistance. Yet
findings 2017 show that the practice flourishing worldwide:
The widespread and continuing practice sex tourism, which children
are especially vulnerable, fuels the sale children, child prostitution and
child pornography. The rapid development the internet and other
communication and entertainment technologies resulted growing
Speakers: H.E. Miroslav Laj President the 72nd session the General Assembly, H.E. Yury
Fedotov, Under-Secretary-General, Executive Director, UNDOC, H.E. Andrei Dapkiunas, Deputy
Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus, Mr. Omar Abdi, Deputy Executive Director UNICEF, Ms. Rani
Hong, Survivor Leader, Head Tronie Foundation, The Honorable Ann Wagner, Congresswoman.
Examining the Magnitude Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation Minors via the Internet
Moderator: Mrs. Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D., Senior VP, C-Fam
Panelists: Ms. Camille Cooper, Director Government Affairs National Association Protect Children,
The HERO Child Rescue Corp, Ms. Mary Mazzio, filmmaker, author Jane Doe Laura Lederer,
J.D., President, Global Centurion.
Breakdown that Fuels Demand and Rescue and Assistance Programs for Victims
Panelists: Ms. Rachel Moran, survivor leader and founder Space International, Mr. Benjamin Nolot,
President, Exodus Cry, Mrs. Deidre Pujols, CEO/Founder, Open Gate International. EVENT: THE TRADE MINORS THE DIGITAL AGE
September 28, 2017
availability child pornography, including sexual abuse material,
pedophilia and other forms sexual exploitation and abuse children.2 representative Judicial Watch attended this event associate member the Department Public Information (DPI/NGO) report current efforts the
United Nations expose and prosecute those engaged the trafficking persons.3
Trafficking persons not limited sexual exploitation. Other forms exploitation
include child soldiers, forced marriage, forced labor, forced begging, slavery, selling
babies, and removal organs. Victims these crimes include men, women, boys and
Nevertheless, one the first speakers, Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs for Belarus,
H.E. Andrei Dapkiunas, focused the discussion trafficking persons the scourge
child sexual exploitation and child pornography, pointing out the alarming statistic that
children compose much one-third all trafficking victims worldwide. And
result, urged the keep trafficking persons the fore its agenda.
Next, short video presentation Ms. Rani Hong, provided firsthand testimony the
nature and horrors child trafficking. She told her ascent from victimhood survivor
then advocate behalf those caught the slave trade today. She was stolen
from her family southern India and sold slave master the age seven. Within
year, her emotional and physical state had declined that she was value her
captor, and sold her into illegal adoption. Following her adoption and subsequent
recovery, she became one the world leading voices the fight against modern-day
slavery. Today she serves co-founder the Tronie Foundation and works alongside
her husband, who also survivor human trafficking. The Tronie Foundation rewards
companies for good behavior with Freedom Seal visual marker freedom from
Group Friends United Against Human Trafficking, THE TRADE MINORS THE DIGITAL
CHILD PROSTITUTION AND CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, INCLUDING VIA THE INTERNET, TwoDay Special Event, Headquarters, New York, September 27, 2017, -trafficking-digital-age-conceptnote.pdf (accessed Nov 22,
Judicial Watch associated with the United Nations Department Public Information (UN-DPI)
nongovernmental organization, whose mission promote transparency, accountability and integrity
government, politics and the law. fulfills its educational mission through litigation, investigations, and
public outreach. Its International Program serves integral part its educational program. Since 2001, has been meeting with delegations from all over the world who participate U.S. State Departmentsponsored leadership programs.
UNODC, United Nations Office Drugs and Crime, Global Report Trafficking Persons 2016,, accessed November 22, 2017. EVENT: THE TRADE MINORS THE DIGITAL AGE
September 28, 2017
human trafficking, developed with insights from world thought leaders, supply chain
experts and through insights and expertise approximately major companies across
Europe and North America, representing market cap one trillion dollars. Research the and the has shown that percent consumers will not buy products
when they know human slavery was used its production. Companies displaying the
Freedom Seal have established policies preventing forced labor and when displayed, the
Freedom Seal helps raise awareness and garners support for trafficking survivors.5
The next speaker, Congresswomen Ann Wagner, has taken the battle against sex
trafficking Capitol Hill where she has served representative for Missouri 2nd
congressional district since 2013. April this year, Ms. Wagner, along with
contingent bipartisan representatives from states introduced legislation clarify
Section 230 the Communications Decency Act (CDA) 1996. According Ms.
This legislation would make clear that Congress never intended Section
230 create lawless internet where bad actors can engage criminal
activity online that they cannot engage offline. This already obvious our State authorities: 2013, State Attorneys General called
Congress amend the CDA restore jurisdiction State authorities
who are tasked with protecting America children.
This legislation would lift barriers that have prevented the Federal
Government, States, and victims sex trafficking from pursuing justice
against America modern-day slave markets.6
Ms. Wagner told the event participants that very wealthy and powerful forces are
organized against the legislation and she was naming names: She reported that Google
has been actively funding and supporting legal battles behalf the
name freedom speech. Due the wrongful interpretation Section 230, Backpage
has evaded justice across the U.S. for years. The sordid details Google strange
alliance with Backpage were reported Nicholas Kristof the New York Times:
Google has been working behind the scenes for several years support
Backpage legal cases filed its victims some young years
old who had been sold repeatedly for sex the advertising site. The
details are horrific, but for those with strong stomach, Consumer
Tronie Foundation, Global Accredited Organization End Slavery and Human Trafficking,, accessed November 22, 2017.
Press Release, Wagner Introduces Bipartisan Allow States and Victims Fight Online Sex Trafficking
Act 2017,, accessed November 29, 2017. EVENT: THE TRADE MINORS THE DIGITAL AGE
September 28, 2017
Watchdog provides all the gory details Google secret funding
groups supporting Backpage legal defense against victims here.7
There were many different voices speaking out behalf the victims trafficking,
set forth Dr. Orlandi, C-Fam, event co-sponsor her article the naming and
shaming Purveyors Child Rape. However, this paragraph stands out for its
conciseness defining the problem, exposing the sponsors, and providing solution: Jane Doe, movie director Mary Mazzio and producer Alec
Sokolow, highlighted the ongoing battle American mothers against, the website where their children were sold for sex and
abuse. Their legal case opposed Google, George Soros and
others, but fiercely fought for Congresswomen Ann Wagner.
Internet has become red-light district, Wagner told the audience. The
Missouri lawmaker has gained 148 co-sponsors for her bill amend the
1996 law that gives blanket immunity websites that sell children. She
urged the audience call their representative support.(Emphasis
Much the information shared this forum open secret. Viewing pornography known have escalated since the advent the Internet. The sex trade, prostitution,
and crimes involving adults are distressing, but have occurred since the dawn time.
However, shocking not strong enough word convey what most must have felt
when hearing the following report:
Camille Cooper, Director PROTECT, shocked the audience with U.S.
data child-pornography. 19% victims are under the age three
and 80% child-pornography involves penetration. This what
child pornography about, Cooper said, not pictures children taking bath. (Emphasis mine.) well-established fact that the viewing Internet pornography not victimless
crime. Every person, matter what age, sex, race, who victim sex trafficking
matters. However, when young children are victims, creates whole new urgency
Newsmax, Google, and Sex Trafficking, Christie-Lee McNally, September 2017,
accessed November 29, 2017.(Nicholas Kristof Google and Sex Traffickers Like, The
New York Times, September 2017,
C-Fam Center for Family and Human Rights, Event Names and Shames Purveyors Child Rape,
Trafficking, Marianna Orlandi, Ph.D., September 29, 2017,, accessed January 19, 2018. EVENT: THE TRADE MINORS THE DIGITAL AGE
September 28, 2017
finding and prosecuting those who participate such crimes and identifying and
opposing those corporations and funders who enable such depravity.