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Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

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Tom Fitton's Judicial Watch Weekly Update

Elections Not Over

Judicial Watch Is Tracking the Massive Election Fraud
Judicial Watch Sues Seven Federal Agencies for Flynn Unmasking Records
ISIS Terrorist Released by Feds after Grand Jury Indictment

Election Update

If you want to effectively express your beliefs about this deliberately chaotic election, I urge you to contact your representatives in your state legislature and Congress. Especially if you live in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona – cesspools of fraud and lawlessness all.

I described what we’re witnessing in an interview with Stephanie Hamill on One America News Network:

Americans see an election that’s been questioned because of substantial allegations of maladministration of the election – that’s a charitable interpretation of it. And they know there’s an air of violence and censorship and suppression if they dare raise questions about it or support the president. We who are defending the rule of law are being lectured about the peaceful transfer of power by the likes of President Obama, who during his transition was actually conspiring against President Trump and spying on his team illicitly.

In her Newsmax television show Sovereign Nation, Michelle Malkin complimented Judicial Watch for our work on elections and suggested that we have earned the right to say, “I told you so.” I take no comfort in that because we have unprecedented fraud occurring across the country.

Michelle asked me what Judicial Watch doing about it. My response:

Our litigators and investigators are figuring out where we can make a stand to preserve the lawful election result. U.S. Code designates this past Tuesday as Election Day. That’s when we’re supposed to select the president. Any votes being counted that arrive after that day should be subject to challenge. And any vote counting that occurs after Election Day should be subject to challenge. When you have a pause in counting, that indicates that fraud has taken place.

This is what I said to my Twitter followers about our activity:

Americans should demand courts and state legislatures and Congress protect free and fair elections! Judicial Watch is conducting independent investigations in PA, GA, AZ, NV, MI, WI!

We don’t know how all of this will play out. The election may well end up in Congress, as I explain in this video:

The electors vote as part of the Electoral College process in the middle of December. Then on January 6, the new Congress is supposed to meet and count the votes and essentially confirm and ratify the Electoral College selection of the president and vice president. Now, if there’s a challenge, you could get a situation where the House, for instance, wants to bless the Biden electors out of Pennsylvania and the Senate wants to reject them. Frankly, I’m not sure what happens next.

We have observed and researched and litigated elections for decades, and, as you might imagine, we are following this one extremely closely. We will be deploying our weapon of choice, the Freedom of Information Act, to uncover the truth.

Judicial Watch Sues Seven Federal Agencies for Flynn Unmasking Records

It is incredible to hear Barack Obama’s minions criticize President Trump’s attitude toward a “transition” to Joe Biden, given that Obama and his lieutenants were busy spying on Trump when he entered the White House.

One of the tools they used was “unmasking,” i.e., revealing the identity of someone in a conversation monitored by our intelligence agencies abroad. We’re going to find out more about this conspiracy.

We have filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the CIA, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Justice, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the State Department, and the Department of the Treasury for records of former Obama Administration officials requesting to unmask Lieutenant General (Retired) Michael Flynn (Judicial Watch v. Central Intelligence Agency et al. (No. 1:20-cv-03314)). The suit was filed on November 16, 2020.

We sued after all of these agencies failed to respond to FOIA requests sent on September 1, 2020. Additionally, the Treasury Department failed to respond to a FOIA request served on September 2, 2020.

The FOIA requests ask for unmasking requests made by the following officials:

  • CIA: John Brennan – December 14 and 15, 2016
  • Defense Intelligence Agency: Deputy Assistant Director: National Media Exploitation Center – December 15, 2016
  • Department of Energy: Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall – December 15, 2016
  • FBI: James Comey – December 15, 2016
  • ODNI: James Clapper – December 2, 2016 to January 7, 2017, Michael Dempsy – January 7, 2017, Stephanie O’Sullivan – January 7, 2017
  • State Department: Kelly Degnan – December 6, 2016, John R. Phillips – Dec. 6, 2016, John Christenson – December 15, 2016, Douglas Lute – December 15, 2016, Lee Litzenberger – December 15, 2016, Tamir Waser – December 15, 2016
  • Treasury: Jacob Lew – December 14 and15, 2016, Mike Neufeld – December 14, 2016, Arthur McGlynn – December 14, 2016, Nathan Sheets – December 14, 2016, Adam Szubin – December 14, 2016, Sarah Raskin – December 14, 2016, Patrick Conlon – December 14, 2016

The names of officials and dates identified in the FOIA requests were taken directly from a list declassified on May 8, 2020, by then-Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell and submitted to Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson on May 13.

These are not our first efforts to uncover Obama unmasking.

In October 2020 we sued the National Security Agency (NSA) for records of requests by former Vice President Joe Biden and other top Obama administration officials, including President Obama’s chief of staff, to “unmask” Flynn.

And in June 2020 we sued the State Department for records of requests by former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power to “unmask” Flynn.

The unmasking requests during the Obama-Trump transition by high-ranking Obama officials reek of sedition. President Trump should order a full-court transparency press to expose more of the truth about this terrible corruption.

ISIS Terrorist Released by Feds after Grand Jury Indictment

Nowadays, even a terrorism-related charge may not keep you in jail – as reported in our Corruption Chronicles blog.

An ISIS terrorist indicted by a federal grand jury for providing material support to the militant Islamist group has been released by federal authorities in Oregon. Even for the famously liberal west coast, it may seem unbelievable, especially since a Republican appointee heads the Department of Justice (DOJ), the agency that made the bizarre decision.

The defendant is Hawazen Sameer Mothafar, a 31-year-old U.S. resident charged with two counts of conspiracy to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization and one count of providing and attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 2339B(a)(1). Mothafar has also been charged with making false statements—denying his terrorist ties—in an immigration application and one count of false statement to a government agency.

Since 2015 up until his arrest just days ago Mothafar conspired with ISIS, according to the nine-page indictment issued this month. He produced and distributed ISIS propaganda and recruiting materials created and edited in coordination with the terrorist group’s official media operatives overseas. This includes the production, editing, and distribution of many publications and articles in a pro-ISIS online media organization. Among his writings is a piece titled “Effective Stabbing Techniques,” which provides detailed guidance on the best way to kill and maim a target during a knife attack. Mothafar also published a tutorial in an Arabic publication titled “How Does a Detonator Work,” that explains in detail the use of explosive ignition devices. The same issue of the Arabic edition includes info graphics containing a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Statute of Liberty in New York on fire with a caption indicating that they will soon be attacked. Another one of Mothafar’s propagandas encourages readers to carry out attacks in their home countries if traveling overseas to fight is not possible.

Most of Mothafar’s work has appeared in a terrorist online media conglomerate known as Al Dura’a al Sunni or Sunni Shield that circulates pro-ISIS propaganda in writing, via videos and graphics. Mothafar also moderated private chat groups for the jihadist media outlet and had regular contact with ISIS leaders overseas, according to federal prosecutors. Evidently, he served as the tech troubleshooter, providing high-level jihadists with technical support that includes opening social media and electronic mail accounts for official use. A senior ISIS official in custody in Iraq told investigators that it was Mothafar’s job to provide ISIS “new accounts when we needed new accounts as soon as possible,” the indictment states. In December 2019, Mothafar tried to acquire information involving piloting a drone carrying an object for Saleck Ould Cheikh Mohamedou, an Islamic extremist convicted for trying to assassinate Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, the former president of the northwest African nation of Mauritania. Mohamedou is currently incarcerated there for the failed attempt.

While Mothafar was busy furthering terrorist missions in his adopted land, he repeatedly lied in U.S. immigration documents and to federal officials by denying ties to terrorist organizations. “This defendant is a legal permanent resident of the United States who abandoned the country that took him in and instead pledged allegiance to ISIS and repeatedly and diligently promoted its violent objectives,” said Oregon’s top federal prosecutor, Billy J. Williams, in a statement released by the agency. “Our national security prosecutors and law enforcement partners will continue to ensure that those who threaten our country are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” The special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Oregon said Mothafar was a leading figure in the Islamic State’s media network who tried to incite “lone actor” operators globally. “When it comes to cases like this one, a computer and a keyboard can be powerful weapons against enemies of the Islamic State,” the special agent, Renn Cannon, added.

Mothafar pleaded not guilty during a recent court hearing and is scheduled to be tried early next year. Federal authorities released him to his home in Troutdale, a town of about 16,000 on the eastern edge of Portland, pending trial with restrictions on travel and use of electronic devices. They should have kept him in custody considering the severity of the charges. They did not because he “has physical disabilities and is confined to a wheelchair,” according to the DOJ, so the government did not seek detention.

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