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Republicans allege DOJ ‘double standard’ as Mueller probe takes heat

Allegations of anti-Trump bias inside Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team are reviving Republican claims of a “double standard” at the Justice Department, with GOP critics saying Hillary Clinton enjoyed comparatively “special” treatment when she was investigated over her personal email use as Secretary of State. … It emerged over the…


The John Conyers Abdication

On Tuesday, Representative John Conyers (D., Mich.) announced that he would “retire” from Congress, effectively immediately. Conyers, who has spent the last 53 years in office — Bonanza was the top-rated television show in America the year he joined Congress — didn’t exactly retire: he actually resigned in disgrace, thanks…


Political Prosecution: Mueller’s Hit Squad Covered For Clinton And Persecutes Trump Associates

We learned this week that while Mueller has been stonewalling Congress, he has been protecting a corrupted FBI Agent—his lead investigator Peter Strzok—the same agent who helped craft Director Comey’s exoneration of Mrs. Clinton and conducted her “interview” with the FBI shortly after Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s infamous tarmac meeting with…


Anti-Trump bias exposed in Mueller probe

Breaking new information and more smoking gun evidence about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s corrupt and extremely biased team of liberal political crusaders that have one singular admission and that is to destroy your elected President Donald Trump and unseat the commander-in-chief. Now, they are trying to create a constitutional crisis…


Hillary Clinton Received ‘Break after Break from the FBI,’ Say House Republicans

The president and other Republicans have continued talking about the Clinton investigation, especially given new revelations about the probe. In October, the FBI released documents showing that Comey and senior officials at the bureau began drafting his July 2016 statement months in advance, even before interviewing Clinton. On December 2, the office…


Grassley Intensifies Probe Into Anti-Trump Bias at FBI

Another top investigator on Mueller’s team is facing new charges of bias against Trump after Judicial Watch on Tuesday released emails showing that the Justice Department attorney had extolled then acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce Trump’s travel ban. Andrew Weissmann sent an email to Yates in January, when…


Mueller’s Deputy in Russia Probe Cheered Sally Yates for Bucking Trump Travel Ban

Since the very beginning of the Mueller investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and transition teams, some have raised concerns that Robert Mueller may not be entirely unbiased. … A top prosecutor who is now a deputy for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe praised outgoing…


Mueller attorney praised Yates as DOJ official, email shows

A lawyer on the special counsel team investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US election lavished praise on Sally Yates after her decision in January to defy President Donald Trump and not enforce his travel ban executive order, according to government emails published Tuesday by the conservative activist group Judicial Watch. “I…


Judicial Watch: New Justice Department Records Show Strong Support by Mueller Deputy Andrew Weissmann, Other Top DOJ Officials for Yates’ Refusal to Enforce President Trump Travel Ban

‘I am so proud. And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects’ – Andrew Weissmann, then-Chief of Justice Department Criminal Fraud Section (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released two productions (335 pages and 44 pages) of Justice Department (DOJ) documents showing strong support by top DOJ…


Prosecutor from Robert Mueller’s team praised Sally Yates for not defending Trump travel ban

A prosecutor who is part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team praised former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she refused to defend the Trump administration’s travel ban, according to an email released Tuesday. Judicial Watch obtained the email from Andrew Weissman through a lawsuit, along with a slew of…

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