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New Clinton Benghazi Documents


New Clinton Benghazi Documents

State Department Belatedly Releases New Hillary Clinton Benghazi Documents Obama Administration Immigration Crisis Puts Rule of Law and Public Health at Risk Bill Clinton and Benghazi – What Did He Know and When Did He Know It State Department Belatedly Releases New Hillary Clinton Benghazi Documents Another piece of the…


Benghazi: What Did Bill Clinton Know & When Did He Know It?

New documents obtained by Judicial Watch raise questions about the role of Clinton Inc. in the Benghazi debacle, particularly the involvement of Bill Clinton and longtime Clinton hatchet man Sidney Blumenthal. Mrs. Clinton, seeking to ease concerns about her ties to the Clintons’ powerful political machine, famously pledged as secretary…


Hillary’s Email Troubles & Whitewater

Hillary Clinton may or may not be indicted in the State Department emails scandal, but one thing is certain: she’s been to this dance before, facing possible criminal charges. Mrs. Clinton “may have been involved in a crime in 1986,” according to never-before-seen portions of an Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) memorandum in the Whitewater affair obtained by


Hillary Clinton’s Rogue Agenda: Why Sid Blumenthal Matters

After the media inexplicably dubbed Hillary Rodham Clinton the “winner” of the Benghazi hearings, her apologists dismissed a line of questioning into her unofficial adviser, Sidney Blumenthal. So he was sending her e-mail offering advice on Libya and other matters of state. In the immortal words of Clinton at an…


Clintons And Foundation Raked In Cash From Banks That Admitted Wrongdoing

Yet another layer of hypocrisy was made clear in Hillary Clinton’s economic speech. She declared that the very banks from whom she and her foundation have accepted millions of dollars should be prosecuted for violating the law; she accepted a significant amount of money after these banks were already under investigation.


FIFA hires firm run by former Bill Clinton aide Doug Band

Corruption attracts more corruption. FIFA has hired the consulting Teneo, run by longtime Clinton friend and ally Doug Band, to help repair its image in the wake of its scandal.


The Largest Loan in Ex-Im History Is Covered in the Clintons’ Fingerprints

National Review reports that Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over the largest loan in Export-Import Bank history. Specifically, the loan went to a firm called Sadara, a joint venture between Dow Chemical and Aramco, and the CEO of Dow had an extensive relationship with the Clintons, including donations to the Clinton Global Initiative.


Judge unseals more details in Jeffrey Epstein underage sex lawsuit

Politico’s Josh Gerstein writes that a federal court has ruled that more documents regarding the prosecution of Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein be released. Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit seeking documents regarding Bill Clinton’s use of Secret Service personnel on trips to the Caribbean with Epstein.


Hillary Clinton facing questions over involvement in Uranium One sale

WMUR in New Hampshire reports on Hillary Clinton’s evasive answers regarding her involvement in the sale of U.S. uranium deposits to Russia. Either she was an incompetent, uninformed leader, or she was involved in approving the deal for her own personal gain.


Details on Bill Clinton’s ride on pedophile’s ‘Lolita Express’ sought

Paul Bedard reports on Judicial Watch’s efforts to get answers about Bill Clinton’s trips with Jeffrey Epstein, trips on which he was accompanied by Secret Service personnel.


Judicial Watch Files FOIA to Learn More About Bill Clinton’s Trips on the ‘Lolita Express’ to ‘Orgy Island’

PJ Media reports on Judicial Watch’s FOIA request seeking documents related to Bill Clinton’s relationship with disgraced friend Jeffrey Epstein, specifically records of trips Clinton took with Epstein.


Boeing & The Clintons: A “Mutually Beneficial Relationship”

Short of a corpse turning up in Chelsea’s office, the notion of a criminal or Congressional investigation into the Clinton Foundation is far-fetched. Who would conduct it? The Justice Department? The IRS? Those brave souls in the Senate? A House probe would play right into the hands of Mrs. Clinton’s…


Cost of Secret Service protection of Bill Clinton’s ride on ‘Lolita Express’ sought

Paul Bedard reports on Judicial Watch’s pursuit of documents related to Bill Clinton’s use of Secret Service agents on trips with disgraced friend Jeffrey Epstein.


Hillary Tries to Rebut Clinton Cash, Fails

Hillary Clinton cannot be honest when it comes to admitting her role in approving business deals for organizations that contributed to the Clinton Foundation. Instead, she keeps hoping to hide behind talking points and distortions.


Judicial Watch Sues for Secret Service Records of Costs for Bill Clinton’s Trips to Caribbean Island Owned by Registered Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on June 15, 2015, it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to obtain records of all Secret Service expenses incurred to provide “security and or/other services” to former President Bill Clinton during his…

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