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Judicial Watch • JW v State Hillary ethics compliance 00772 July 27 pg 80-84

JW v State Hillary ethics compliance 00772 July 27 pg 80-84

JW v State Hillary ethics compliance 00772 July 27 pg 80-84

Page 1: JW v State Hillary ethics compliance 00772 July 27 pg 80-84


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Date Created:October 6, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 06, 2015

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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department Sta:9@1a~~l)lQicfar~!k
:4Ji>a1Fc9A>C No. C05466441 Date: 07/27/2015
Diners Club Italia, S.r.I.
Presldente del Consiglio Amministrazione Chairman the Board Directors
Phone: +39 321 62280
From: Nina DSouza
Sent: Wednesday, p_,..-~-3 =2== :s=o 9~~ ~=~__,
To: Tomaz Lov5e
Cc: Andrew Block
Subject: Upcoming Engagement with President Ointon 10-31-09
HITomaz, hope you all are doing well. you know, manage President Olntons speaking engagements and look forward working closely
with you and making this great event. Youll see that have also ccd Andy Block this email. wlll your main point contact
but you may ..m Andy from time time. Please email both
be,.,. wanted take this opportunity through some details and outline the arrangements that need made for President
Clintons participation. attaching very Important questionnaire this email. pie answers you provide are important President
Clinton, his staff, and the United States Secret Service (USSS). The more information you are able provide the conference and
the attendees much appreciated. crucial that get this form back soon possible. wanted set time talk you
about your upcoming engagement with President Clinton and over the details this email. Are you available Friday, October
2009 1lAM EST talk about the details your quickly approaching engagemen
This document indudes the Information already have file regarding your eve Please make any necessary edits changes
this Information. Also, please sure complete the areas the questionnaire ere are missing Information.
The Itinerary for President Clinton follows:
4:00PM 4:30PM Photoline reception for guests
4:30PM 5:45PM Speech lndudlng moderated QA
5:45PM 6:20PM Mix and mingle the Diners Club Charity Reception.
Please attach draft program (or running order) for the entire conference, lndudl names and titles all major events speaking
participants and entertainers.
Please let know who you would like Introduce President Olnton before eaks, and please send their blo that can
get approval quickly. Please note that the Introducer and moderator should NOT politician, member the press, celebrlty.
They should member your organization such your CEO Chairman, etc. the Presidents preference.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department St~ta~~~~i cfar4Qitk~~1 ~RC No. C05466441 Date: 07/27/2015
Please send the list guests attending the person photo llne reception (lnclud name, title, company, afflllation) least
week before the conference. Also, the reception should take place room close where Pres. Clinton will delivering his remarks.
This due security reasons. The rooms must very close proximity and
same noor.
MARKETING you know, all marketing materials must approved through our office advance them being released printed. This Includes
anything that mentions President Clintons name (I.e. Invitations, advertisements, pres.s releases, etc). Please send all material
for approval before you print and dlstrtbute them. Also, for your convenience have attached the approved photo and bio
President Clinton you can use for your marketing.
Please also describe the backdrop, banners, scenery, logos, settings, etc. which any way related the Presidents speech. usually takes hours get approval
Everything sent for approval MUST editable word document editable PDF.
unable approve the use billboards (big advertisements that are featJied the sides the roads/bullcllngs), televlslon
advertisements, radio advertisements featuring President Clinton and his upcoming appearance.
Additionally, when sending Item over for approval that not English please
send English translation the entire
document. For example, you are sending for approval that will run different language please send copy the will run well translation the entire English. for the content the Presidents speech, titled Embracing our Common manlty. Here short blurb the speech that
you can use for marketing materials.
President Clinton served the United States for eight years during time unprec nted prosperity and change. Now, President
Clinton powerful voice for progress around the world shares his unique Jghts and observations with audiences around the
world. President Clintons public speeches describe the challenge globalization, phaslze our growing Interdependence, and point
the way toward common future based shared goals and values.
The advance staff will President Clintons personal representatives the groun and will serve your primary contacts once they
arrive. The advance team will liaise with you, President Clinton, myself, the USSS, other security. Once the advance staff has been
designated, will ask the advance staff contact you before they arrive your elent order set meetlng/walk-thru time
that convenient for everyone, lndudlng the USSS.
Also, the usss wlll sending advance agents well coordinate the overall rlty President Clintons visit. International engagements the advance team will arrive five (5) BUSINESS
ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE prior the event and stay through the event.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department Stawta~IXQk:lii~aQib~;-~.40i1F~c No. C05466441 Date: 07/27/2015 this time, the Presidents exact travel plans are not clear. Rest assured will keeR you abreast changes soon hear them.
HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS this time President Cllntons travel plans have not been finallzed. will keep you sted more Information becomes available.
the Interim, wanted find out which hotel you were hoping book the Preslden and his staff at. reminder, the President has
final discretion over the hotel. Also, since the Presidents schedule will not kno
closer the event date have selected two
night hotel range. The President will likely only stay for one night but the interim wanted have you reserve the rooms for these
two nights. wlll course Jceep you date the nights that planning overnight that C3Jl modify the hotel
arrangements closer the date your engagement. Please book (one) PRESIDENTIAL SUITE for the President using the October 30th, Out November
*Please book (one) room adjacent Pres. Clinton for Doug Band October th, Out November 1st
*Please book (one) room adjacent Pres. Clinton for Justin Cooper October 30th, Out November 1st
*Please book (one) room adjacent Pres. Cllnton for Jon Davidson October oth, Out November 1st
*Please book (one) room adjacent Pres. Clinton for ADVANCE STAFF
ber 26th, Out November 1st Please book (one) room adjacent Pres. Clinton for ADVANCE STAFF ~ber 26th, Out November 1st Please arrange for FAX MACHINE and PRINTER placed Justin Coopers tloooorm (please make sure them paper, Ink, and
any necessary cables software connect Mac/Apple laptop.
The USSS will provide for President Clintons vehlde and security cars, you will need arrange for these.
From the time President dlnton arrives the time departs, you wlll need vide van and driver (this can volunteer
professional) that will accompany President Cllntons motorcade movements all mes his event. This van will used transport
staff and luggage. The advance staff will work with you exactly when and wher this vehicle needed for each event
NOTE: The driver must remain constant for the ENTIRE VISIT
The driver must nuent English
President Clinton requires that all his remarks are transcribed real time. For the speeches please arrange for court
reporter stenographer type Pres. Cllntons remarks the each the events speaking. Right after the events please have
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department St8~a~~M~ti~~t6~.-~~191=cJtt..oc No. C05466441 Date: 07/27/2015
the transcript e-mailed word document. Please also send the tape the events the mall. Here the
The Harry Walker Agency, Inc.
Attn: Nina DSouza
355 Lexington Avenue, 21st Aoor
New York, 10017
SPEECH: President Clinton likes make his remarks from podium. Please make ure the microphone the podium and that
there water for him. After condudes his speech, the President should move two comfy chairs with coffee table between
that positioned near the podium. The moderator should then Join the President the two them will engage interview type
QA with all questions coming from the moderator.
PHOTOLINE: President Cllnton wlll take the photos for the photo receiving line aga1rst backdrop with podium. recommend that the backdrop background color richer darker color; the photos look beJter with darker color the back drop. The
President will greet each guest, shake their hand, and take picture, and onto tre next person. Just reminder, there can only people taking their photos. couple takes picture that counts two (2) pefpie.
For your planning purposes, please reserve seats the event for President Clln ons staff/guests. this time undear how
many seats will needed. The seats should all together and priority seatin~ area. These guests should also Included
the photo line reception. They will NOT count against your people you are allowed Invite the photo line reception.
PRESS understand that this event will open press. The Presldenrs office requires tllat the press designated, roped off area
the bade the room with staff escort. The press should not given access area where the President will likely be.
ask that only pre-registered press admitted and that the registration list sent our office prior the engagement.
BILLING understood that you will billed estimate advance the event for the expenses related President Clintons travels
(including his staff). The expenses Include such things the advance teams hotel{ and expenses, the ground transportation (car) and
other related expenses the visit Please know that you are only responsible for t~e charges actually incurred and you will
pro lded with rnpy wlthlo mooth rnf think that covers for now. Should you have any questions please feel free
tact me.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department Staj~a ~.AA.P.. tltgtc~raQfl:~-frl~4Q1F No. C05466441 Date: 07/27/2015
Best regards,
Nina DSouza
The Harry Walker Agency
355 Lexington Ave, 21st Floor
New York, 10017 (646) 227-4917 work
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