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Judicial Watch • Page-Strzok production 5 pg. 144-152

Page-Strzok production 5 pg. 144-152

Page-Strzok production 5 pg. 144-152

Page 1: Page-Strzok production 5 pg. 144-152


Number of Pages:9

Date Created:February 14, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 14, 2019

Tags:emahs, Kiely, FactCheckorg, Quest, Strwk, Corney, Moffa, Eugene, Strzok, jordan, Comey, Peter, Secretary, production, State Department, FBI, department, CIA

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ftollK Strzqh Pe:ter (CD} {FRI}
Sent: Mednesday, JWYJJ.,, 2{116 +:27
~c) {FBI)tMoffa,Jon:athan {CD}(FBI)
:cm) (Fl}; Page, Usca (O-GC1 (FBI}I..----------!(CTD)
(.FBD. o.. rt. N4 ::,of:r:a+::::i.:~s rnr..t:rth: :::::5 n:~~Ctt}ciA +h:r,:it:h.:ih1~:ste:. h:.Z:~nii.agJ::~s} ~.n~~th1SiJ {?rrgi~.~~:~. ;a.(Htittt hlqt
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enlii~l .;:H: cot}rlt~- st::(h ;~S n:ff:e:r.5. fh:rrn reta h~-r:s :~:p-.a.rn. ett:.:
[)ftf (~{tn:ttJl}. tfe/ete {J{~};- ertftiif::9 ~V~fai.lfE(f[{;i SUi}fJt.hS/flt.1?
Nr-L noted. the effia!ls that CHnt:or1 chose not t,o ~P: Me-r~ p:ernon~l em..lUi-th~y >;,i:ir~
riot fod~H~~ !~~or-cls; ev~nc -~rk-rn!~ted-~ricl there.fore -em ~ot !l.ubject ~ny
pr~serv~tkm obiigl:!th::Hi t-au:ler th~ Feder~! Recurcli .Ad.
rnque:Jt,. Nor i,,ould tbe-y h;3ve
t~e~:n .suf.ject .the st{b:p:r}en:a =-.?lh~:z-ft :JJd. rHJl .exJst :>~ttfin~~ t~JilE~ that :t:is tss 1:=rt tl1:t:;: Bttgh:~i~ Sedet:t c:.ortn~n}ttE: :st)rt1e::three ~11:cs~-itis. tate:f:. k.rnJ:~v s-ad J(~ J:tor{t think:->: .anrJ ~~,:~ Q.c:rlt lJeihe.te s(f~ .~lher::: :0:~1:Stltering tJe qtlest.Tc~r.1, .-s:ug.g:e5tlng/h :tasr(t
sure, Car; you check arid get di::,flnWve ,ms~z.erl
secondly,, nired,cr Coi~1ey said think:< that there vvere three em,3iss 1Nith portion marl,:.;/r:gs; nifo:aung
d:asssf eci infrnTnatiotL rhe State Oepartrnent 2:filf.l kn0:w; tv,to, not three, butthat rnav beD,HJse the
rni had .flo;:ess. ei1ni!s that thE: State Department did not, The cHrector to!d Rep,. Trey Gov,tdy, There \.!He
silrnH number portrcm rnarbngs think thn?e the dcwn-ients. Later:, seemed more d~fir::itive
VJhen spoke Rep, cartvirlght and said., There were three e-rr1ai!s, tht was the body_, ~.1 the
text, ! there s are de.l:lr and the Stat~?: Department n?.quest
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