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Public Education – The International Program

Public Education – The International Program

International Visitors

Developing nations, especially ones with emerging or fledgling democracies, look to America to study its institutions, laws and the ingenious balance of powers created by our Founding Fathers. Through various programs sponsored by the U.S. State Department, delegates from these nations visit the United States and are put into contact with organizations like Judicial Watch. Since 2001, Judicial Watch has met with representatives of numerous countries who want to learn how they can stop corruption and demand accountability from their judges, government officials and agencies.

Think Tank Briefings

Leading government think tanks in Washington, D.C., host public forums bringing together key power players to include: intelligence analysts, national security advisers, scientists, government and public officials, academicians, and visiting delegates from all over the world. These forums provide a venue for discussion, debate, and networking on an array of current international issues of great import—from war and crises in the developing world to America’s efforts at rebuilding a stable society in Iraq—and the shared responsibility of America’s key allies in resolving global concerns of terrorism, genocide, and despotism that threaten international peace in the nuclear age.

International Visitors and Think Tank Briefings

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