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Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

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Issue Deep Dive

From Impeachment to Borders: The Republic Is Under Attack

This week’s Judicial Watch Weekly Update was delivered live from CPAC 2020, the Nation’s premiere conservative conference. This week’s Update titled “The Republic Is Under Attack,” focuses on FBI/DOJ corruption, Borders/Sanctuary Cities and election integrity.

With “tremendous pressure on our borders… and a sustained attack on election integrity,” “our Republic is tottering,” Fitton affirms. To this point, he argues that while the “attack on the Republic has been a low-grade fever for the last 20 years,” it has “metastasized” under President Trump. The constitutional fever intensified in 2016 when Trump’s opponents in the Obama Administration “put their thumbs on the scale” for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, engaging the highest levels of national intelligence agencies in a politically “coordinated campaign” against Donald Trump. Uncovering the Clinton email scandal, Judicial Watch shed light on the secretary’s alleged misconduct in 2016, “shaking” her campaign, which while not being the intent of Judicial Watch’s investigations, was an inevitable result of those emails being “hidden” until 2016, Fitton claims.  On the topic of election integrity, Fitton underwrites the necessity of “clean elections to ensure that elections aren’t stolen.” Today, most states lack any real Voter I.D. and citizenship verification, and the “10-11 states” that do are being “vociferously opposed by the Left.”

Today, even though “the Mueller investigation failed” the attacks on our Republic continue, with “the coup-cabal… making up this concern about Ukraine,” Fitton confirms. “Concocting the Ukraine smear,” he continues, “the coup… hijacked Congress and abused the House of Representatives, abusing the power of impeachment in ways never seen before.” Ultimately, the impeachment effort was “an attack on the Republic, the Presidency and your right to govern yourselves,” Fitton concludes. In the Weekly Update, Fitton also calls for the President to “cut [Schiff] off from access to classified information,” on the grounds that “he can’t be trusted.” Furthermore, “if we want to protect the Republic, we have to take strong legal action in the very least against those trying to destroy the Republic.”

As a part of the failed impeachment effort, the “coup” has also challenged the security of the Nation’s borders; with “the Left’s push for mass caravans” being part of a planned effort to “erase our borders,” Fitton contends. In view of this “fundamental threat to our Republic,” Fitton states that the president has “reacted appropriately… in building the wall and changing the asylum rules” – “over the objections of Anti-Trump judges, and over the objections of the media class.” On sanctuary cities, Fitton states that he is “glad to see that Attorney General Barr may begin the criminal investigation and prosecution of sanctuary city politicians which aid and abet illegal immigration.”

From borders to the impeachment effort, this week’s Weekly Update truly details how Judicial Watch does “the work that DOJ and Congress aren’t doing,” demonstrating the many reasons for which people love our work.


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