Press Release Archive - 1998

What is Trent Lott afraid of? - Lott Should Move Forward With Full Senate Trial... (Dec 31, 1998)

House Chinagate committee reaches political conclusions - Judicial Watch Lawsuit Against Loral/Clinton Administration May Be Only Hope for Justice (Dec 30, 1998)

Judicial Watch to deliver interim Impeachment report to Senate - Interim Report Evidence of Additional Perjury By Clinton Pursued And Verified by Hyde Investigators (Dec 28, 1998)

Court orders redeposition of John Huang - Court finds 'little of (Huang's) deposition testimony particularlly credible' (Dec 22, 1998)

Clinton is fan of Hustler's Flynt? - Judicial Watch calls on president to denounce Flynt, Carville, and to fire private investigators (Dec 22, 1998)

Impeachment is not enough -- justice demands Clinton's removal from office - Clinton White House Smear Tactics Shouldn’t Intimidate Senators From Pursuing Full Justice (Dec 21, 1998)

Judicial Watch: Desperate White House pulls out all the stops to stave off Impeachment - Clinton Plays Both "Wag the Dog" and "Ellen Rometsch" Cards (Dec 18, 1998)

Judicial Watch questions timing of strike on Iraq - Today’s Action Clearly An Attempt To Stave Off Impeachment (Dec 16, 1998)

Rivera allows White House ally Dershowitz to brand Barr, Lott and Delay 'White Supremacists" - Owes Conservative Leaders An Apology (Dec 15, 1998)

Clinton plans yet another 'apology' as White House attack machine shifts into high gear - Klayman Condemns Smear Attack On Rep. Bob Barr (Dec 11, 1998)

Dolly Kyle Browning was to testify at Impeachment hearing today - Judicial Watch news conference today... (Dec 10, 1998)

Democrats prepare to defend the most corrupt president in American history - All The President’s Men Expected To Continue Avoiding The Facts (Dec 8, 1998)

Judicial Watch set to return Reno's punt on 'Chinagate' - Judicial Watch Will Continue Investigation Of The Most Serious Scandal In U.S. History, Even If A.G. Won’t (Dec 7, 1998)

Court orders Tripp Filegate deposition to proceed - Filegate Eyewitness Has Indicated High-Level White House Involvement in Filegate (Dec 7, 1998)

We told you so... - Republican 'keystone kops' cut and run on Chinagate (Dec 4, 1998)

Judicial Watch protests Reno Justice Department leaks of grand jury information - Public Interest Law Firm To File Complaint Against Reno (Dec 3, 1998)

Judicial Watch motion in Paula Jones case is still alive - Amicus Curiae Brief Still Pending Before U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas (Dec 2, 1998)

Judicial Watch: "Democrats out of control" - "Squeal Like Stuck Pigs" Over Raising Of "Chinagate" Scandal; Allies In The Media Come To Their Defense (Dec 2, 1998)

You've got mail: - An Open Letter From Judicial Watch To Tom Hanks (Dec 1, 1998)

If only it were true - Faced with mounting conservative, libertarian and independendent criticism about sham impeachment probe, Republican leaders try to create impression that they will now investigate 'Chinagate' (Dec 1, 1998)

Judicial Watch poised to recover Reno's fumble on campaign finance scandal probe - Is Stephanopoulos Fearful of Implication In Possible Ickes Investigation? (Nov 30, 1998)

Judicial Watch and its clients pursue 'Chinagate' - File RICO lawsuit today (Nov 24, 1998)

Ken, meet Monica; Ken, meet Mack; Ken, have you met anyone? - Despite Temporary "Euphoria," Prosecutor's Testimony Shows He Is Not "Hands On" (Nov 20, 1998)

Is Ken Starr the next Gil Garcetti? - Starr Flames Out in Rerun of O.J. Simpson Case (Nov 19, 1998)

Judiciary Committee reported push for Hubbell/Huang testimony may be designed only to easy conservative criticism - Huang Should Be Called to Testify on Chinagate -- Not Just On Narrow Hubbell Issue (Nov 17, 1998)

Judicial Watch challenges Jones settlement - Files Amicus Brief Showing Why Case Cannot Be Dismissed Based on Use of Illegal Funds (Nov 17, 1998)

Hyde now says he is considering whether to call Judicial Watch as a witness during impeachment hearings - Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman today announced he has received a belated reply to his November 10th letter (Nov 13, 1998)

Why is Arlen Specter carrying water for Bill Clinton? - Specter Tied to Teamsters Scandal (Nov 11, 1998)

Judicial Watch asks Hyde to clarify scope of impeachment - Sends Letter Asking If Filegate, Chinagate and Other Serious Matters To Be Included (Nov 10, 1998)

Will there be a bi-partisan cover-up? - Judiciary committee prepared to throw Starr to the Lions (Nov 9, 1998)

Gingrich resignation overdue - "Election results only the straw that 'broke the camel's back'" (Nov 7, 1998)

Hirschfeld fails to transfer money to Jones team - Seems to recognize that gift illegal under U.S. Criminal Code (Nov 3, 1998)

Judicial Watch calls on Jones team to return Hircshfeld money - Gift is illegal under U.S. Criminal Code (Nov 1, 1998)

President files for immunity from Judicial Watch suit - Seeks to re-argue Supreme Court case in Jones v. Clinton (Oct 28, 1998)

Who is Joel Klein? Clinton antitrust chief in White House Counsel's Office during Filegate - Judicial Watch questions his conduct in MicroSoft case (Oct 28, 1998)

Drudge reports Starr following in Judicial Watch footsteps - in seeking testimony of Cohen in Pentagon Tripp file release (Oct 27, 1998)

Maryland Tripp prosecuter lied to court and Judicial Watch - Claimed he did not have documents responsive to FOIA request (Oct 27, 1998)

'The way we were' conflict for Barbara Streisand? - Reporter effort to derail Clinton impeachment could be designed to cover-up purported relationship with Clinton (Oct 27, 1998)

'... And the horse he [Starr] rode in on' and the record 'he [Carville] rode out with' - New Carville book more than just 'trash;' it confirms the workings of the Clinton smear campaign (Oct 26, 1998)

Steve Forbes and Judicial Watch agree: 'this is not a sex scandal' - In CNN appearance, Forbes endorses case made by Judicial Watch Interim Report (Oct 23, 1998)

Latest White House effort to obstruct impeachment process thwarted - Judicial Watch urges 'full-speed ahead' with broad-based inquiry based on Judicial Watch Interim Report (Oct 22, 1998)

Judicial Watch to Clinton: return 'legal expense trust' funds to donors - Refusal to accept money from Hirschfeld in Jones case constitues admission of illegality (Oct 19, 1998)

Judicial Watch to vigorously fight any attempted use of presidential legal truse to settle Jones suit - Watchdog group which previously challenged use of insurance proceeds puts White House on notice (Oct 13, 1998)

Judicial Watch report formally accepted by House Judiciary Committee - Complements Starr Report and Details Impeachable Offenses in Filegate, Chinagate, IRS-Gate, and Trustgate (Oct 6, 1998)

Carville lies on CNN's 'Crossfire' - Tells public that he had not gathered information about sex lives of investigators (Oct 1, 1998)

House Republicans confirm that impeachment inquiry will cover Filegate and Chinagate - To Adopt Broad Nixon Articles of Impeachment Cited By Judicial Watch In Its Interim Report (Oct 1, 1998)

Hyde accepts Judicial Watch Interim Impeachment Report - Judiciary Committee accepts 145 page Impeachment Report and 8 Volumes of supporting evidence (Sep 28, 1998)

Judicial Watch sends Interim Report to Congress - Details impeachable Filegate/Chinagate offenses uncovered in Judicial Watch cases (Sep 28, 1998)

Top Clinton advisors and Commerce officials ordered to explain purported obstruction in Chinagate case - Court asks for explanations from Leon Panetta, John Podesta (Sep 25, 1998)

Judicial Watch subpoenas ex-Deputy White House Counsel William Kennedy - Former Clinton aide and Rose Law Firm partner of Hillary Rodham Clinton to be questioned in Little Rock on Filegate (Sep 24, 1998)

The Podesta Cover-up - Top Clinton aide fighting impeachment; implicated in cover-up of sale of Clinton Commerce trade mission seats for campaign contributions (Sep 23, 1998)

Clinton admits violation of privacy - Confirms that Willey letters released from official files (Sep 21, 1998)

Judicial Watch seeks to preserve Tripp Filegate testimony for trial - Threats and Clinton White House intimidation tactics could deprive Filegate victims of key testimony (Sep 4, 1998)

Judicial Watch calls on Gingrich to resign as Speaker - 'Too conflicted to lead impeachment inquiry' (Aug 24, 1998)

Judicial Watch finds pattern of lying by Clinton allies - Stephanopoulos sanctioned, Carville rebuked by court (Aug 20, 1998)

Larry Potts, former head of the Criminal Division at FBI during Filegate, not questioned by Starr - Judicial Watch finds little evidence that Starr had thoroughly investigated Filegate (Aug 18, 1998)

'Love of Country' means never having to say 'you're sorry' - Top ten reasons why a Clinton apology is not enough (Aug 17, 1998)

Clinton's Jones testimony 'more forgetful' than Ickes' Judicial Watch testimony - Contrary to 'popular belief' perjury does result from chronic memory lapses (Aug 14, 1998)

Starr must control Clinton during grand jury testimony to obtain the full truth - New York Times confirms cleverly crafted defense strategy designed to 'skirt' issues (Aug 14, 1998)

Starr should hold off on Filegate report until investigation complete - Judicial Watch sees little evidence of Starr investion FBI files matter (Aug 11, 1998)

Clinton White House smear campaign to be stepped up - Salon Magizine warns of 'Ellen Romstsch' strategy (Aug 10, 1998)

Reno Justice Department retaliates against witness in Clinton fundraising scandal - Clinton Administration indictment timed to undermind credibility and throw monkey wrench into testimony of Nolanda Hill (Mar 24, 1998)

Judicial Watch deposes Clinton advisors and allies in Filegate class action suit - Is there an 'Ellen Rometsch strategy' to misuse FBI files to smear those who question the actions of the Clintons? (Mar 18, 1998)

Hillary Clinton questioned under oath by Ken Starr - Judicial Watch's $90 million class action lawsuit on Filegate will also seek testimony from Mrs. Clinton (Feb 19, 1998)

Judicial Watch sues Federal Election Commission for failure to investigate campaing finance scandal - Agency is 'laughing stock' but the joke is not funny (Feb 18, 1998)

Clinton likely hid truth about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction until after 1996 elections - Public about to learn 'the hard way' why an honest president is important (Feb 17, 1998)

Judicial Watch petitions to continue Ron Brown investigation by Independent Counsel - Move has tacit backing of Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, and 75% of African-Americans (Feb 12, 1998)

Judicial Watch to file today petition in Jones case asking court to conduct evidentiary hearing to determine if Clinton/Lewinsky counsel knows of Clinton/Lewinsky perjury and, if so, to order counsel to have their clients correct it or have counsel resign - All legal counsel, including Starr, should be held to high ethical standards to promote confidence of the public in the legal system (Feb 11, 1998)

The mysterious John Huang - Senate draft report glosses over Huang's role; Judicial Watch vows to get to the truth (Feb 10, 1998)

Charlie Trie returns as Clinton sets up new legal defense fund with DNC fundraiser McAuliffe - Judicial Watch will again challenge illegal influence peddling scheme (Feb 4, 1998)

State Farm tells Judicial Watch it is considering making Clinton and Bennett repay legal fees in Jones case - Having previously sued State Farm for the allegedly illegal payment of President Clinton's legal fees in the Paula Jones lawsuit (Jan 27, 1998)

Judicial Watch to intervene in Jones case to try to obtain Clinton deposition transcripts - Judicial Watch, Inc., the group that uncovered numerous Clinton scandals, including the John Huang/campaign finance scandal, will intervene tomorrow in federal court (Jan 26, 1998)

As in campaign finance scandal, Republicans poised to abdicate responsibility over Clinton sex scandal - Judicial Watch Chairman Says Its "Time For Republican Political Games To Stop" (Jan 25, 1998)

Bennett's ethical dilemma may unlock truth of "interngate" - Lawyers' Code of Professional Responsibility requires Bennett to have Clinton correct perjury or else he must quit (Jan 22, 1998)

"I smell a rat!" - Judicial Watch to intervene in Paula Jones case to obtain public release of videotape of Clinton's testimony (Jan 21, 1998)

Hillary Clinton questioned under oath by Ken Starr - Judicial Watch's $90 million class action lawsuit on Filegate will also seek testimony from Mrs. Clinton (Jan 14, 1998)

Court to hold hearing in Filegate class action suit - 10:00 A.M. in courtroom 12 on Tuesday, January 13, 1998 in D.C. Federal Courthouse court to hear argument for impositoin of sanctions against White House and Federal Bureau of Investigation (Jan 12, 1998)

Washington Post may have participated with Clinton defense team in violating Paula Jones gag order - Today's Post Article Refers To Fruits of Discovery In Explaining Why Settlement Unlikely; Evidence That Newspaper Has Cozy Relationship With Clinton's Attorneys in Jones' Case Mounts (Jan 8, 1998)

Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch to appear on "John McLaughlin's One on One" on NBC Sunday, January 4, 1998 - Also to be aired on PBS January 3 and 4 (times dependant on local markets) (Jan 2, 1998)